MECA&D Online Job Opportunities (MOJO) connects students and alumni to jobs, commissions, and freelance opportunities.

How to Post a Job

Step 1: Register

Go to MOJO
Click on Employer
Click on the red link for Register Now
Complete the registration
Your request will be reviewed. Once approved, you will receive a password.

Step 2: Post your job

You can get to the login page using the same instructions above or use this shortcut.
Enter your ID and password.
Now post your job.

For Students

How to Create an Account

Click here to create an account
For Access ID, use your Student ID number found on your ID card
Click submit and complete all information on next screen with a red asterisk
Hit submit
You are now registered
You can now check MOJO for jobs and internships

Jessica Tomlinson
Director of Artists at Work