Portfolio Day is an ongoing annual collaboration between MECA&D’s Artists at Work program and AIGA Maine. The event offers students the chance to share their portfolios with a broad spectrum of professionals ranging from creative directors, to independent artists, local publishers and in-house teams.

In 2022, the event will be held virtually.

For more information regarding this event please contact Jessica Tomlinson, Director of Artists at Work at jtomlinson@meca.edu or 207.699.5016.

Student Registration & Preparation

The goal of Portfolio Day is to practice presenting your work and to get feedback from an array of professionals.

How to Prepare for the in-person event

You will have 1/2 of a six-foot long table to lay out your work. Arrive 20 minutes early to set-up your table. No wall space is available.

Bring about 5–8 individual works or 2–3 bodies of work that might contain a series of individual pieces. It is unlikely you will be able to talk about more than a few projects in depth during each conversation –  but you do not have to present the same work to every reviewer.

When applicable, we highly recommend bringing physical work rather than digital documentation of your portfolio (unless your work is digital). This is a chance to show your craft, demonstrate how you use materials, and consider scale in your work.

If you plan to bring digital work, charge your device(s) prior to the event. Students will not have access to outlets, and we cannot guarantee internet access.

In addition to your portfolio, bring

  • Resume (approx. 10–20 copies)
  • Business cards with email and website address (approx. 10–20 copies)
  • Notepad and pen to write down feedback between reviews, and make note of anyone you meet in case you want to contact after the event.
  • Optional: Take-away for reviewers (approx. 10–20 copies)

The event format

For the first hour, you will have six reviews, each 10 minutes long. The last half hour is time reserved for more open conversations. This is your chance to introduce yourself to reviewers you may have requested to meet with but did not have the chance to. At that point, please communicate to Jessica Tomlinson or Samantha Haedrich if you would like to be introduced to a reviewer.

Conversations will go quickly. Make sure you introduce yourself and state your year before you start discussing your work.

Practice aloud how you will present your work prior to the event. Jot down a few key points about each project, including:

  • the concept behind the work or assignment
  • key decisions you made in the creative process
  • skills that you used within the assignment
  • lingering questions you have about the work that remain unresolved

The goal of Portfolio Day is to practice presenting your work and to get feedback from an array of professionals. Be open to criticism and be respectful of reviewers. Everyone you will speak with is volunteering their time. Say thank you.

There have been a few instances when people have emerged with an internship or job opportunity, but most reviewers who attend Portfolio Day are not looking to hire students. Use this experience as an opportunity to learn, network and develop your skills.

There is no dress code, but we recommend wearing clothing that is appropriate for an interview.

2019 Reviewers

  • Anchour
  • Artisan Marketing Group
  • Bishart
  • Blaze Partners
  • CD&M Communications
  • Darby Pop Productions/Publishing, Inc.
  • Ethos
  • Freeman Studios
  • Hannah Rosengren Studio
  • HMC Design
  • Informa
  • Infusion Studios
  • Islandport Press
  • Knack Factory
  • L.L. Bean
  • Leticia Plate
  • Longstocking Design
  • Maine the Way
  • Meghan Lambert Design
  • Might & Main
  • MollyMaps
  • Motion House Road
  • One Dynamic System
  • p3maine
  • Peace Island LLC
  • Pica // brand, strategy, design
  • Portland Design Co
  • Portland Museum of Art
  • Portland Phoenix
  • Pulp+Wire
  • Sean Alonzo Harris Photography
  • Taproot Magazine
  • The Story Board
  • The VIA Agency
  • The VIA Agency
  • Tilson Technology Management, Inc.
  • Toderico Creative
  • WEX
  • Woods Creative
  • Words From The Woods, LLC

2015 Reviewers

50 Fish
Angela Adams
Ashley O'Brion
Bates College Communications
Big Room Studios
Briggs Advertising
Brochu Design
Casady Design
CD&M Communications
Christopher David Ryan
Cider Mill Press
Convention and Visitors Bureau
Down East
Erica Johnson Design
Erin Flett
Fitzgerald Photo
Garrand and Company
Greta Rybus

Haigh + Martino
Hawthorne Creative
Image Works
Infusion Studio
Islandport Press
Jamra Patel
Jennifer Lopardo
Knack Factory
L.L. Bean
Liquid Wireless
Mark Rockwood
MECA&D Marketing + Design
Might & Main
Murphy Empire
Operation Iggy Design

Pedro + Jackie
Perch Design Studio
Pierce Promotions
Portland Monthly Magazine
Portland Museum of Art
Pulp + Wire
Rollin Leonard
Russell French Photography
Sean Harris
Sputnik Animation
Talley-O Design
Tillbury House Publishers
Toderico Creative
Wendy Clark Design

2014 Reviewers

2014 Participating Reviewers
Aurora Quantum, Big Room Studios, Blaze, Carol Wilson, Casady Design, CD&M Communications, Chuck Martin Productions, Crius Energy, Designtex, Fitzgerald Photo, Garrand and Company, Greyletter, Haigh + Martino, IDEXX, Image Works, Islandport Press, Kemp Goldberg, Knack Factory, L.L. Bean, Maine Magazine, MECA&D Marketing + Design, Might & Main, More & Co., Murphy Empire, Nathan Eldridge, Nicola's Home, Pedro + Jackie, Portland Monthly Magazine, Portland Museum of Art, Pulp + Wire, Rollin Leonard, Russell French Photography, Sean Harris, Studio E Flett Design, Tanja Hollander, Tide Smart Global, Toderico Creative, VIA, White Dog Arts

2013 Reviewers

2013 Reviewers
Angela Adams, Blue Design, Burgess Advertising, Casady Design, Fitzgerald Photography, Idexx, Image Works, Jennifer Muller, Kemp Goldberg , Knack Factory, Maine Magazine, Maine Media Workshops, Mark Rockwood, More & Co., Might & Main, Murphy Empire, Nashbox, Nathan Eldridge, Perch, PhoPa Gallery, Pierce Promotions, Pulp + Wire, Robert Diamante, Rollin Leonard, Sputnik Animation, VIA Agency

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