VICE Creators recently profiled the state of Maine in an ongoing project to profile art communities outside of major markets. To get a comprehensive look at the state's arts scene, VICE commissioned an essay by Jenna Crowder (BFA '09) that introduces the contemporary arts scene, interviewed Edwige Charlot (BFA '10) about her practice as a printmaker, and profiled Able Baker Contemporary, a Portland gallery run by MECA&D Faculty Hilary Irons and her collaborator Stephen Benenson. Ayumi Horie, who has been an Artist-in-Residence at MECA&D, was featured, highlighting her work on Portland Brick, a public art project on which she collaborated with former MECA&D Faculty Elise Pepple and several of MECA&D's FY-In students.

To read these articles — and more about the visual arts in Maine — see these links below:

Essay: In Maine, If There's an Artistic Will, Artists Find a Way, by Jenna Crowder

Piecing Together a Print ‘Visual Creole’ Under the Isolation of the Maine Sky, by Diana Shi

Portland's Able Baker Lets Artists Cook Up Their Own Shows, by Charlie Schmidlin

When Is a Cup Not A Cup? When It’s a Political Statement, by J.H. Fearless


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