Photo of Heidi Sistare (L) and Kelly Shetron (R) by Eric Schnare

Writers, artists, and friends Heidi Sistare and Kelly Shetron value creative partnerships so highly they started their own project that explores how collaborative relationships impact creative work.

“The creative process can be mysterious,” they observed. “What did it take to get to the finished product? How many revisions? How many mistakes, how many do-overs? How did it feel? Who helped? Creativity doesn't happen in a vacuum. We started to wonder about the relationships behind people's work. We all draw inspiration from others. So who are the collaborators that inspire, question, and fuel the work people make and do?” The result is Two Create, which builds connections between creative people through online interviews and conversation.

Heidi, who is now a social worker and community organizer, lives in Portland, Maine, while Kelly, a freelance writer, lives in Brooklyn, New York. They met at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in 2012, where they both studied nonfiction writing and multimedia storytelling. Their experiences of meeting people, interviewing them, conducting research, and compiling stories through their Salt studies led them to realize that “stories are how we see and understand each other. Stories are how people connect.”

Their website at features interviews about creative partnerships and includes a postcard mailing project centered on collaboration and creativity. Interested parties who would like to join the online conversation are encouraged to email them at Followers can also check in on Instagram and Twitter.

MECA&D is proud to incorporate the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies as a graduate certificate program.

Photo of Heidi Sistare (L) and Kelly Shetron (R) by Eric Schnare

Banner image: Detail of Two Create project postcard by Heidi Sistare.