TeenLife.com: 12 Ways to Boost You Portfolio in High School

MECA&D photography students Amanda Bizarro ’22 and Annabelle Richardson '22 join Director of Admissions Jen Campanaro to share tips with Rachel Sokol from TeenLife Media to help high school students make their art school portfolios pop. Read the full article here


“My entire portfolio was photography because I was dead-set on that being my path. But part of the MECA application required sketches--an area where I admittedly needed some practice and lacked confidence. Be open to new mediums and experimentation; both are crucial to grow as an artist and demonstrate the willingness to learn—something schools look for.” -- Amanda Bizarro ’22, Maine College of Art & Design




“When I was applying to college, I enhanced my portfolio by demonstrating my artistic breadth with a wide range of works using various skills in different mediums. But the two most important pieces of advice I can share are: 1) draw from life, which will build your portfolio tremendously even if you don't ultimately major in that medium, and; 2) enter as many art competitions as you can to keep refining your portfolio with the feedback you receive on your work.” -- Annabelle Richardson '22, Maine College of Art & Design



"Every school has different criteria. At MECA--whether it's a variety of different media and techniques or one consistent theme--the admissions counselors want to see your artistic voice and skill. Picking your top schools early and diving into their unique needs will help you focus your portfolio on what will matter most to the schools you want to impress." -- Director of Admissions Jen Campanaro