SWARM is a permanent two-story typewriter installation within The Press Hotel located in Portland, ME. Designed by artist Erin Hutton in collaboration with Artists at Work at MECA&D, SWARM features sixty two vintage typewriters acquired from Tom Furrier of Cambridge Typewriters in Arlington, MA. Spanning the era of the late 1800’s to 1960’s, they are mounted in a circular swarm pattern with condensed and dark machines toward the center, and ones lighter in color spiraling out as they appear to move and spread across the wall. The swarm protrudes out into the space as it grows out from the swarm. Steel and wood mounts angle the typewriters out toward the viewer.

Erin Hutton '98 - Artist & Project Management
John Nelson '12 - Steel Fabrication
Nicole Farrand '11 - Wood Fabrication
Sabrina Volante '14 - Design Assistant
Matthew Doucette - Assistant