Salt Institute for Documentary Studies at MECA&D Announces Fellowship

Applications are now open for Spring 2019

As part of its ongoing commitment to training the next generation of storytellers, the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies at Maine College of Art & Design (MECA&D) has announced the Salt Fellowship. The fellowship will support the work of students from underrepresented communities who have been accepted into the fifteen-week Salt Graduate Certificate Program in Documentary Studies at MECA&D.

“We as a society need to commit to dismantling systemic inequality,” said Annie Avilés, Chair of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. “Having a greater diversity of voices in storytelling and media is a key part of that.”

Each semester, the Fellowship Committee will award one full-tuition scholarship or two partial scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded starting in the Spring of 2019, and applications are now open. Interested applicants are required to complete both the standard Salt application and the Salt Fellowship application.

Since 1973, the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies has taught students from all over the United States and around the world to become skilled documentarians and storytellers.

During the course of a semester, Salt students concentrate on Radio and Podcasting or Film and Photography, under the guidance of instructors who are also practicing documentarians. Using fieldwork, assignments, class discussion, instructor feedback, and peer critique, students learn how to find and report a story, how to be part of an editorial team, and how to produce polished work that meets industry standards. They leave Salt with a portfolio of well-crafted stories, an expanded professional network, and a clear sense of potential career paths.

For more information about Salt at MECA&D, visit, or visit the Salt Story archive,, which contains stories by more than 1,000 Salt students— many of whom have gone on to successful careers at National Public Radio, National Geographic and other major media outlets.

Contact: Sue McGovern,, 781.315.3400
Header image: Andrew Propp Salt '10, Long After I'm Gone