This summer, Post-Bacc to MAT Pathway (PBAE-MAT) participants developed and expanded on studio art practices as they continued to explore the artist/educator theme. By examining personal learning goals, they selected an art form to study that either supplemented or expanded their existing repertoire.

"The PBAE-MAT pathway was a great opportunity to not only build upon the work I had already completed in the post-baccalaureate program but also grow professionally and renew my practice as an artist...Both classes were manageable while working full-time and balancing family life, with instructors being understanding and flexible. I'd highly recommend this pathway to my fellow post-baccalaureate colleagues if they have the opportunity!"

As a part of the pathway program, participants in the course MAT800—called "The Artist as Educator"—created an exhibit of at least two completed works prepared for their digital portfolio and a final reflection that examined the strengths and challenges of maintaining high-quality teaching while continuing to work as practicing artists. The theme of “POST” is threaded through the final work and can be found in expressions of the connections between the teachers’ past and future selves.

  • How do we take remnants from the past and put them to new uses?
  • What grows from loss or change?
  • How do we honor our dual commitments as artists and professional educators and in what ways does that duality ebb and flow over time?

These works explore those questions and connections as we awaken our voices through art.

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