Picture This... The Art and Workings of Illustration Institute is a MECA&D supported exhibition that shares the ideas, process, craft and art of seventeen local and national professional illustrators including: Chris Van Dusen, Suzy Becker, Chris Raschka, Henrik Drescher, Jamie Hogan, Marty Braun, Kevin Hawkes, Lizzy Rockwell, Matt Tavares, Emily Flake, Danielle Madore, Mary Anne Lloyd, Daniel Minter, Rick Parker, Scott Whitehouse, Nancy Gibson Nash & Scott Nash.

Founded by MECA&D's Scott Nash, Illustration Institute is an organization whose mission is to increase appreciation and awareness of illustration by providing the public the opportunity to learn directly from master artists and working professionals through workshops, lectures and exhibitions about the art of illustration.

As the title of the exhibition implies, Picture This... intends to provide a view into how specific media the public encounters every day are enhanced by illustration and further, how an aspiring illustrator might picture themselves in this fulfilling and diverse profession.

As part of the exhibit, rarely seen "behind-the-scenes" process pieces are included for each final work. The artists have generously provided early ideas, abandoned sketches, revised and reworked versions based on collaborations with their clients or editors, inviting an intimate look into the artist's studio in order to show the real effort and joy of illustrating for a living.

The works in Picture This... span a broad range of illustration from children’s picture books to applied illustration, editorial, animation, cartoon and tattoo art.

Picture This... The Art and Workings of Illustration Institute
will be on display at Portland Public Library’s Lewis Gallery from October 7th through December 17th. Illustration Institute will be providing workshops, lectures and film at the library through October of 2017. For more information contact Nancy Gibson Nash, Illustration Institute’s Program Coordinator at 207.772. 3585 and follow illustration Institute on Facebook and Instagram.