MECA&D hosts Gulf of Maine EcoArts as it creates its newest traveling installation 

Illustration by Jiwana Soleimani '22.

Did you know that the Gulf of Maine is warming faster than 99 percent of the world's oceans?

Project based-nonprofit Gulf of Maine EcoArts is dedicated to using the arts as a powerful vehicle to champion science-based ecological initiatives aimed at spotlighting critical issues resulting from this fact. Its careful artist/scientist collaborations design, organize, and install specialized ecological art exhibitions to help create awareness and engagement around the state.

This summer, we are very pleased to host the Gulf of Maine EcoArts team at Maine College of Art & Design as they work with five interns from our school (alumni Ren Hall ’21, Michaela Flint ’18, Jiwana Soleimani ’22 and current students Kia Pickering and Emily Geaslin) and others from Colby, St. Joseph’s, and MICA.

The team of scientists, artists, and designers will work in our Congress Street space and have access to our state-of-the-art ceramics studio through mid-August.

Together, the team will develop a traveling art exhibition focused on raising awareness around Cashes Ledge, a unique underwater mountain range located 100 miles off the coast of Cape Ann noted for its immense scientific importance.

The final installation—SeaChange: Darkness & Light in the Gulf of Maine—will be on view at the Maine Maritime Museum in Winter 2023.

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