Maine College of Art & Design and Eri Design, website design & app development firm in Worcester, MA, are extremely proud to announce that we have received a Web Marketing Association Award for an Outstanding Website.

The WebAward Competition is open to all organizations and individuals involved in the process of developing web sites for organizations, companies and the government.


For MECA&D, the website assignment was simple: create an engaging site that was mobile optimized, easy to navigate, immensely interactive, and most importantly, that told the College's story through the lens of the students, faculty, staff and alumni.

The website for Maine College of Art & Design ( was designed with the prospective students in mind. For this reason, the site was developed to utilize full screen photography and videos to quickly grab the user’s attention. These visuals are accompanied with clear and concise navigation, as well as interactive actions to make the navigation process more intuitive. All of these elements working together make it extremely easy for prospective students to find information such as programs and current student work right within the homepage.

The Team

Creative Director & Project Manager, Eri Design: Erjon Metohu
Designer & Developer, Eri Design: Storm Rockwell
Developer, Eri Design: Andrew Rockwell
Project Coordinator & Web Content Manager, Eri Design: Zack Nutile

Director of Marketing & Communications, Maine College of Art & Design: Raffi der Simonian
Assistant Designer & Digital Media Specialist, Maine College of Art & Design: Nicole Holmes
Assistant Director of Development, Maine College of Art & Design: Annie Wadleigh