Artwork: Self Portrait, Dulce Maria Clegg '21, 2019.

Maine College of Art & Design is pleased to announce the creation of Racial Justice Scholarships for accepted students to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program as part of the commitment of the College to educate the next generation of artists. These scholarships are designed to promote and celebrate racial and ethnic diversity by supporting the work of BFA students from communities of color. This award is open to first-year students and transfer students who are applying to MECA&D.

“It is our collective responsibility to step up and create more equity within our community. These scholarships and our renewed commitment to social change, racial justice, and inclusion are pillars of our strategic planning. Many students have directly or indirectly been negatively affected by unjust policies and systems, and will be better able to stand resilient in the face of racial inequities through this support,” said MECA&D President Laura Freid.

Ideal applicants will have submitted a portfolio and application that embody and reinforce the core values of the MECA&D Diversity Compact and will demonstrate financial need. The awards range between $1,500–$5,000, are renewable each year, and are offered in addition to any merit-based scholarships awarded at the time of admission. Scholarships will be awarded to recipients by a jury that includes members of MECA&D’s Diversity Committee. Applicants who are entering in Fall 2021 must apply by February 1, 2021; the full criteria for consideration can be found on the MECA&D website.

“These scholarships are just one example of Maine College of Art & Design’s commitment to supporting the Black, Indigenous, and students of color in our community. We welcome you, we see you, and you belong here!” said Margaret Brownlee, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer & Learning Support Coordinator, MECA&D.

Maine College of Art & Design recognizes that diversity is integral to the academic experience and strives to foster an inclusive culture defined by respect, equity and social responsibility. We recognize inequities present in our societies and we are committed to transforming this field so that it reflects and amplifies a diversity of experiences, identities, and voices. These principles serve as another catalyst for MECA&D students, faculty, staff, and trustees to become the critically engaged citizens upon whom our world depends.