Dear Members of the Maine College of Art & Design Community,

The loss of innocent lives in Israel and Palestine has been devastating for thousands of Palestinians, Israelis, their families, and loved ones the world over. We are writing to offer our condolences to everyone touched in any way by the loss of life and the human suffering resulting from the violence in the Middle East. We at Maine College of Art & Design condemn the aggression and hate that have torn communities apart.

Many people within our community have deeply held perspectives on the origin of the current conflict. While we may not all agree on the why, we believe we all can agree that violence will not, and never has, advance the goal of peace.

In the media, there are waves of false information and disturbing social media posts that are designed to fuel anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and hopelessness. We urge everyone in our campus community to resist these forces and continue to demonstrate compassion towards one another as we respectfully consider the issues that may divide us. It is our shared hope that we can create a just world where humanity can flourish.

While we are not aware of any faculty, staff, or students in the region at this time, students psychologically impacted by recent events in the Middle East are encouraged to connect with the Office of Student Life for support and resources. Similarly, faculty and staff are encouraged to consult with our Director of Human Resources who can point you to resources available through the Employee Assistance Program.

Again, we condemn the aggression and violence that has torn people apart. We are determined not to let these acts destroy our humanity, our civility, or our compassion. Although we cannot control what may transpire in the coming year, we can deepen our commitment to building a more just and peaceful world, with a determination to advance knowledge and understanding.  

Laura Freid, President



Beth Elicker, Executive Vice President



Ian Anderson, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College



Paul Gebhardt, Dean of Undergraduate Studies



Melvin D. Adams III, Dean of Student Life