Illustration Institute is excited to announce the launch of Faison Artist Residency, which will provide illustrators, writers and artists an opportunity to create in relative seclusion on Peaks Island, just off the coast of Portland, Maine.

The residency will be made available for rent from June 24–Sept 30 2017.

“We are grateful to have been gifted two summer properties for residency use and this summer is our “soft launch” of a program we are calling Maine Children’s Book Arts, one that in the future will be a summer intensive of Illustration Institute” says Nancy Gibson Nash, Director of Programming.

Concept art for Faison Residency's Mazza Studio

“Marilyn Faison was a treasure unique to Peaks, a graduate of RISD and fashion/shoe designer for most of her career. She was well known for her vibrant spirit and love for antiques, red shoes and modern art. The residency is intended to honor her legacy and celebrate creativity in all forms.”

Illustration Institute's mission is to raise appreciation and awareness of illustration in its many forms by providing people of all ages the opportunity to learn directly from master artists and working professionals through exhibitions and workshops provided at public libraries.

Please visit our residency website here and our sister website for Illustration Institute at for a listing of all upcoming exhibits and workshops.

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