Mark Marchesi ’99 recently published a new book, Evangeline: A Modern Tale of Acadia, the culmination of four years of research and artistic exploration. Originally inspired by his experiences during his 2012 MECA&D Baie Ste Marie Artist & Family Residency in Nova Scotia, the book uses stunning photographs to reinvigorate Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s narrative poem. Mark made a number of trips back to Baie Ste Marie to work on his project. MECA&D’s Baie Ste Marie residency was established by the family of Barbara Rita Jenny MFA ’02.

Mark’s photographs were featured in the solo exhibit Evangeline: A Modern Tale of Acadia at PhoPa Gallery in Portland, ME, which also featured a book launch and an artist’s talk. An article about the book was featured on, along with an interview about his process. Longfellow’s epic poem of 1847 centers around the story of an Acadian woman’s attempt to be reunited with her fiance and revived interest in the Acadian people and the deportation they suffered. It became one of his most famous works.

In the interview, Mark said, “Literature is very inspiring to me, especially very descriptive types of writing. So Longfellow's 'Evangeline,' especially the first part of it, just has a lot of these really vivid and rich descriptions of the landscape. Whenever I read stuff like that I get these really intense visual pictures in my head and it drives me to want to capture that on film.”

Featured Image: Port Maitland Wharf, Port Maitland, Nova Scotia, by Mark Marchesi. Used with permission of the photographer. All rights reserved.

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