The Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art & Design Presents Confabulations of Millennia.
Friday, October 6, 2017, 5–8pm; Reception includes an appearance by Guest Curator Richard Saja.

Visiting Artist Lectures:
Anthony Sonnenberg, Thursday, October 5, 12pm
Jeremy Hatch, Thursday, November 2, 12pm

Confabulations of Millennia brings together the works of eighteen contemporary artists who take direct inspiration from established styles, techniques and objects perfected in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The assembled artists deploy history as a springboard in order to speak to the intricacies and inconsistencies of modern life be they social, political or aesthetic. Funny, sexy and disturbing, this work creates an intersection that is both familiar and alien. - Richard Saja, Guest Curator

"Many exhibitors find inspiration, rather than awe, in the craftsmanship and visual traditions which have come before us. While visual and material references that refer to bygone traditions resurface, nothing is sacrosanct. Instead, as viewer you are often cast as voyeur – catching glimpses of scenes you perhaps were not seeking – but may nonetheless delight in seeing." Jessica Hemmings, Professor of Crafts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

The artists include: Martha Arquero, John Brauer, Joey Chiarello, Emily Diaz Norton ’07, Douglas Goldberg, Jeremy Hatch, Beth Katleman, Ryan Wilson Kelly, Melora Kuhn, Livia Marin, Oscar Sancho Nin, John O’Reilly, Erin M. Riley, Richard Saja, Anthony Sonnenberg, Ryan Swanson, Vadis Turner, Julia Whitney Barnes, and Kehinde Wiley

MECA&D’s Visiting Artist & Guest Lecture Series presents Confabulations of Millennia artist Anthony Sonnenberg on October 5th at 12pm in Osher Hall (Located at MECA&D, 2nd floor). Following the lecture, please stop by the ICA for an early preview of the exhibition. Meet guest curator and artist, Richard Saja on October 6th during the exhibition opening reception, 5-8pm. On November 2nd at 12pm, artist Jeremy Hatch will present a visiting artist lecture in Osher Hall.

Artist Bios
Richard Saja is a New York-based artist working primarily in textiles. Through his Historically Inaccurate series, Saja uses embroidery to interfere with traditional French toile fabric, using embellishment to break the pattern and eliminate the anonymity of the repeated imagery.

Anthony Sonnenberg is a Houston, Texas-based artist working in sculpture, performance art, and ceramics. His work serves as a personal and societal critique of the cycle of denial and decadence through the lenses of his life-long struggle with obesity, the timeless veracity of Greek myth, and the excessively ornate Baroque and Rococo aesthetics.

Jeremy Hatch is a Montana-based sculptural artist working primarily in ceramics. He is the founder of Ricochet Studio Inc., a practice dedicated to producing well designed, well crafted objects that span a broad spectrum of purposes: from functional to decorative, architectural to domestic, experimental to traditional.

For more information or to request an interview, please contact MECA&D’s Director of Exhibitions and Special Projects, Erin Hutton, at 207.699.5025 or Learn more about the ICA at MECA&D here.

Masthead Image: Beth Katleman, Hostile Nature, USA (detail), 2014