Mei Selvage, Tranquility in Motion -- Crane, 8" x 8", mixed media, 2015

Portland-based artist Mei Selvage exhibited recent acrylic and mixed-media art at the Joanne Waxman Library of Maine College of Art & Design in March, 2015.

Through art, Mei Selvage embodies and expresses Dharma (wisdom). The results are narratives on personal and universal levels. “Art is my way to tell stories,” she says. “I love to use words, colors, and images to reveal the interplay of hidden and perceived realities. Art empowers me and enables me express the ancient wisdom.” In February’s Maine Natural Awakening Magazine, writer Amy Paradysz highlighted Mei’s embrace of Chinese “accent” in her work.

The exhibition marked a celebration of Chinese New Year.  Moira Steven, Library Director, is pleased to promote cross-cultural exchanges. MECA&D kicked off several important partnerships with Chinese art academies and cultural institutions in 2014.

Mei Selvage is a visual artist who was born in Sichuan, China, and moved to the U.S. in 1997. She creates artworks in acrylic painting and mixed-media. Her inspirations come from classical Chinese art, literature, and philosophy. As a co- founder and curator of Ya Ji East/West Cultural Gatherings, Mei brings a genuine artist spirit and her vision for an East/West creative hub in the New England. Mei spends her days as a research director at Gartner and co-invented more than 30 patents during her twelve-year career at IBM. For more artist information, visit