The BFA Orientation Leadership Team (BOLT) prepares to welcome back students!

The BFA Orientation Leadership Team—commonly known as BOLT—arrived back on campus today (Monday, August 23) to support the incoming MECA&D class during their first few days. Move in day for this year is Thursday, August 25.

MECA&D is thrilled to have 18 BOLT members volunteer to flex their leadership skills and role model how to be Bold & Friendly in our community. Incoming students will have BOLT members by their side throughout orientation—participating in small groups settings along the way—to help ensure everyone is comfortable and fully prepared to start classes. 

As student leaders, BOLT members help balance everything from creating social activities to managing new student homesickness/anxiety. With BOLT support, the MECA&D orientation is a fun, positive experience that helps students make early connections in their new College home!

Learn more about orientation here