2022 MFA Summer intensive welcomed prominent visiting artists from interdisciplinary backgrounds

Each year, our Master of Fine Arts (MFA) candidates at the start and midway point of the MECA&D program engage in an eight-week summer intensive in our studios to bond as an artistic cohort and challenge their individual inquiries.

A key component to the success of this intensive is the collaboration candidates have with the rotating roster of renowned interdisciplinary visiting artists invited to our studios to provide lectures and critiques each week.

During the 2022 summer intensive session, we were fortunate to have participation from carefully selected visiting artists, including:

  • Martha Buskirk, a professor of art history and criticism focused on art and law, including artists’ rights advocacy, intellectual property, and potential conflicts between proprietary control and public interest.
  • Patrick Coughlin, an interdisciplinary American artist with works exhibited in China, Italy, Japan, and throughout the US who currently chairs our Ceramics department.
  • Josh Dihle, a painter, carver and curator, spends months or years layering imagery into pieces to reflect the reliquaries that inform them.
  • Jarrett Earnest, an author, editor, and contemporary art critic, creates conversations on the status of art with the important thinkers of our time.
  • Dylan Hausthor ’15, an award-winning photographer with a permanent collection at MoMA and teaches in our Photography major.
  • Matt Hutton, who chairs the Woodworking & Furniture Design major in addition to owning the successful STUDIO 24b practice.
  • Alysha Kupferer, a textile-installation and performance artist who investigate the economics and systems behind global production and chairs our Textile & Fashion Design department.
  • Lauren Mabry, who creates ceramic objects and dimensional glaze paintings to investigate color theory and material experimentation.
  • Daniela Rivera, a visual artist, focuses on understanding the object quality of images.
  • Paul Mpagi Sepuya, a photographer, embraces the medium’s potential for fragmentation and connection.
  • Shirley Tse, an artist working in sculpture, installation, photography, and text, deconstructs the world of synthetic objects that carry paradoxical meanings and constructs models in which differences might come together.
“Art is not a singular focus; it is a field and a conversation,” explained Rachel Katz, Administrative Director of Graduate Programs at MECA&D. “Part of what sets our program apart is that we offer an interdisciplinary approach that gives our artists the freedom and flexibility to follow their work where it needs to go and make something they never expected to create along the way. The thinkers and makers we bring into our summer intensives are selected because of the talent, success, and leadership they demonstrate in interdisciplinary work.”
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