Each spring, Maine College of Art & Design reviews applications for our summer residency programs made available through the College. One is offered at the Stephen Pace House in Stonington, Maine and the other, Baie Ste. Marie, at the Jenny Family Compound in Nova Scotia. This past application cycle, the Alumni MFA Residency at MECA&D expanded its eligibility to include BFA alums.

Artists At Work is thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2017 Maine College of Art & Design Residencies.

The recipients of the Baie Ste Marie Artist & Family Residency are:

  • Celeste Roberge '78
  • Lucy Breslin, BFA Faculty (with Linda Casbon, Leslie Volle, and Barbara Scott)
  • Allen West '10 (with Meghan Howland)
  • Carter Shappy '15

The recipients of the Stephen Pace House Residency are:

  • Michel Droge MFA '10
  • Julie Freund '81 (with Lindsay Hancock, Anne Ireland '94, Anne Niles,
    Phoebe Porteous, Holly Ready '94, and Jenny Scheu)
  • Ian Goldsborough '14
  • Greta Grant '16 (with Tabitha Bernard '16)
  • Adriane Herman, BFA & MFA Faculty
  • Hilary Irons, BFA Faculty
  • Kate Katomski '02
  • Adrienne Kitko MAT '15 (with Meredith Leoni MAT '15 and Ceri Nichols MAT '15)
  • Sage Lewis '04
  • Tessa O’Brien MFA '16
  • Isabelle O'Donnell '17
  • Maia Snow '13
  • Sabrina Volante '14 (with Nicole Holmes '14)

The recipients of the Alumni Residency at MECA&D are:

  • Sage Lewis '04
  • Eric Nichols MFA '13
  • Ray Ewing MFA '12
  • Dylan Hausthor '15

To learn more about the Residencies and other alumni opportunities, click here.