A big congratulations to all of the participants in the 2017 BFA Exhibition! This year's exhibition is a fantastic reflection of the breadth of work being created in each program of the college. The BFA Exhibition Awards Ceremony took place on November 16, 2017, and the following students were presented with awards:

Best in Show (tied):

  • Brendan Ripken Shea, Senior in Painting; Portfolio, Instagram
  • (painting details in website header)


Frances Barker

Best in Show (tied):

  • Frances Barker, Senior in Painting


Kristina Curtis
2nd Place Overall:


Beth Douglas
3rd Place Overall:

  • Beth Douglas, Junior in Photography; Instagram


Gabrielle Brown

Best Work by a Senior: 

  • Gabrielle Brown, Senior in Metalsmithing & Jewelry; Instagram


Audrey Robidoux
Best Work by a Junior: 

  • Audrey Robidoux, Junior in Painting; Portfolio


Charles Elliott
Best Work by a Sophomore:

  • Charles Elliott


Joshua Dixon

Best Work by a Freshman:


Tyler Ryan

MECA&D Award:

  • Tyler Ryan, Senior in Photography; Instagram


Lucas Ouellette

Honorable Mention

  • Lucas Ouellette, Senior in Painting; Portfolio


Isa Tetreault

Honorable Mention

  • Isa Tetreault, Senior in Graphic Design; Portfolio


Sam Myrdek

Honorable Mention

  • Sam Myrdek, Junior in Illustration; Instagram


Kevin Mosca

Honorable Mention


Liam Singh

Honorable Mention


Kyle Dubay

Honorable Mention

  • Kyle Dubay, Senior in Photography; Instagram