The Belvedere Fund for Professional Development in the field of crafts at Maine College of Art & Design was established in 2008 following the death of Deborah Pulliam of Castine, Maine and is available to all alumni who received a BFA degree from Maine College of Art & Design within the last 10 years. Deborah was a lover of history, land preservation, animal welfare and the arts, and she supported many causes generously throughout her life.

Peter Dore ’17, Concept side table planned for 2019 - designed using Rhino and Keyshot January 2019.

Funds are used to support the enhance the professional and studio practice of an artist. The selection committee was comprised of MECA&D Dean Ian Anderson, faculty members Adrian King ’12 and Jill McGowan, Development Associate and Continuing Studies instructor Dietlind Van Der Schaaf, and metalsmith, Maria Wolff, who serves as the manager at Maine Craft Portland, and as the President of the Metals Collective.

The 2019 awardees are Addison de Lisle ’11, Peter Dore ’17, Bryan Hansen ’18, and Matthias Rand ’12. De Lisle will use $572 to purchase a bandsaw to upgrade his metalsmithing studio. Dore will use $1,500 to purchase the 3D rendering software, Keynote, which he uses to create prototypes and proposals for his design and fabrication studio, Boothby. Hansen will use $1100 to purchase a bandsaw and a belt grinder to upgrade his metalsmithing studio. Rand will use $1150 to purchase a new workbench for his studio.

Header Image: Addison de Lisle ’11, Damascus Cleaver, damascus steel, mild steel, brass, figured maple, 13” x 1” x 4”, 2017.