Ask a Student!

If you'd like to talk with a MECA student, you can set up a phone call or email us at any time! Our students are happy to answer a variety of questions, especially things like:

  • what a typical day looks like
  • work load
  • navigating academics and studio classes
  • available resources
  • art offerings in Portland
  • things to do in Portland and around the region

To talk with a student, you can:

  • Email one of our students at Questions are generally answered in 1–3 days since they're all answered by a current student (who's balancing studio work). If they can't answer your question, it might be forwarded to someone else who can.
  • Schedule a phone call with a student Monday through Friday. We'll send you a confirmation email and a text reminder and they'll call you at the number you provide.
  • Submit your question via the form below, and we'll make sure a student receives it. You can expect an answer in 1–3 days this way as well.

Please note that students likely won't be able to address most Financial Aid questions or application questions — those should be emailed directly to the departments.

Currently Responding

Name: Elli
Home Town: New Fairfield, CT
Major: Animation & Game Art
Graduating: 2022
Currently working on this semester: I’m developing my skills in character design and storytelling by creating short animations featuring my own characters!
Favorite Artists: I love animations from groups like Cartoon Saloon, Studio Ghibli, and SPA Studios! I also draw lots of my inspiration from artists on Instagram.
Favorite Portland spot: The Eastern Promenade! A perfect picnic spot as well as a cool hiking trail.

Name: Maria
Home Town: Warwick, RI
Major: Illustration
Graduating: 2021
Currently working on this semester: This semester as a senior I’m focusing on developing my voice as an illustrator through refining my rendering process of working minimally with both line and color, playing with scale, and utilizing limited color palettes. The assignments I work on vary from project to project due to the nature of illustration.
Favorite Artists: Some of my favorite artists right now are Felicia Chiao, Liana Farmer and Kelli Kikcio.
Favorite Portland spot: It’s hard to pick a favorite spot in Portland — my favorite place to be outside is an area near the Eastern Promenade, there’s a field where you can hang out and look at the water and a small beach that dog owners often take their dogs to in the winter, my friends and I cleverly refer to it as “Dog Beach."




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