We thrive on differences. At Maine College of Art & Design, we provide exposure to new influences and varied pathways to growth to help you discover your place.

At MECA&D, you'll learn history of art, principles of design, contemporary influences, and current perspectives while exploring literally any art form that interests you. Here, declaring your major starts with claiming your space: setting up your own studio where you can push the boundaries of your work. You'll receive the individualized attention from faculty and staff to help you grow as an artist.

Any student graduating from high school or earning the equivalency may apply for admission to our Bachelor of Fine Arts program. If you are currently enrolled at another college, are not presently in school or are working full-time, you are welcome to apply to join our thriving community. We invite applications from students who will contribute to the diversity of our student body, including traditional high school applicants, transfers, non-traditional and international students and veterans. Applicants not seeking a BFA degree may apply for non-degree student status.