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For general inquiries, please send an email to the Office of Admissions at admissions@meca.edu or contact us by phone at 800.699.1509.

Bitmoji of August Adams with light blonde ombre hair, a black shirt, and glasses waving.
August Adams, they/them
Seasonal Admissions Recruiter




Bitmoji of Emily Brighi with dark auburn hair and glasses.
Emily Brighi, she/her
Assistant Director of Admissions
International Student Coordinator
office + text: 207.318.4071
Emily is the admissions representative for all transfer students, as well as for all students from Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, as well as international students, students from U.S. territories, and Veterans.

Jen Campanaro's image is illustrated as a bitmoji: a fair white person with long light brown hair, blue eyes, pink lipstick, and smiling.
Jen Campanaro, she/her
Director of Admissions
office: 207.699.5023



Bitmoji of Ian Colwell with brown chin-length hair, a brown beard, blue eyes, and a black shirt, and they are smiling.
Ian Colwell, they/them
Admissions Counselor
office: 207.699.5022 | text: 207.560.0171
Ian is the admissions counselor for Connecticut, Maine, and Pennsylvania.



Jenna Crowder's image is illustrated as a bitmoji: a white person with slightly wavy brown to blonde ombre hair just past her shoulders, blue eyes, smiling and waving saying hi.
Jenna Crowder, she/her/any
Associate Director of Admissions
office: 207.699.5053



London Dupere's image is illustrated as a bitmoji: a white person with long wavy dark brown hair, blue eyes, glasses, purple lipstick, and a big smile.
London Dupere, she/her
Admissions Counselor
office + text: 207.939.1035
London is the admissions counselor for Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Bitmoji of Demetri Espinosa with a large laughing-crying emoji. Demetri is wearing a light blue button-down shirt, black pants, and brown hiking boots, with a dark brown beard and hair, and is also laughing-crying like the emoji.
Demetri Espinosa, he/him
Admissions Counselor
office: 207.699.5069 | text: 207.387.8342
Demetri is the admissions counselor for Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.


Elyse Grams's image is illustrated as a bitmoji: a white person with short red wavy hair and blue eyes, with a slight smile and freckles.
Elyse Grams, she/her
Admissions Counselor
office: 207.699.5024 | text: 207.560.0919
Elyse is the admissions representative for New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas, and supports graduate enrollment for the MFA, MAT, and Salt programs.


Bitmoji of Sage Sylvia with curly brown hair, a green collared shirt, brown eyes, and a wide smile.
Sage Sylvia, she/her
Admissions Administrative Coordinator
office: 207.699.5026



Bitmoji of Joel Tsui with long dark hair, an orange shirt, and glasses.
Joel Tsui, he/him
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
office + text: 207.420.0022
Joel is the contact for all graduate programs, including Master of Fine Arts, Master of Arts in Teaching, and Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

Bitmoji of Saide Viens with dark curly hair just past shoulder-length, dark brown eyes, and a black sweater.
Saide Viens Serna, she/her
Admissions Operations & Marketing Coordinator
office: 207.699.5053



Bitmoji of Allie Wittmann with side-parted blonde and brown shoulder-length hair, an off-white turtleneck, and blue eyes smiling.
Allie Wittmann, she/her
Admissions Counselor
office: 207.699.5027 | text: 207.560.0884
Allie is the admissions counselor for Massachusetts.