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Your message will be emailed to one of our students at Questions are generally answered in 1–3 days since they’re all answered by a current student (who’s balancing studio work). If they can’t answer your question, it might be forwarded to someone else who can. Our students are happy to answer a variety of questions, especially things like:

  •  what a typical day looks like
  • work load
  • navigating academics and studio classes
  •  available resources
  • art offerings in Portland
  • things to do in Portland and the region

Please note that students won’t be able to address most Financial Aid questions, Admissions or application questions, etc. Those should be emailed directly to the departments.

Currently Responding

Name: Newt
Home Town: Groveland, MA
Major: Digital Media
Graduating: 2018
Current studio work: Programming and creating assets for a point-and-click puzzle-horror game
Favorite podcast: Off-Topic, The Adventure Zone
Favorite artists: Jhonen Vasquez, Horikoshi Kōhei

Ask a Student

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