BFA Visiting Artist Lecture Series

MECA’s Visiting Artist & Guest Lecturer Series invites professional artists, educators, curators, thought leaders, and creative entrepreneurs to present on topics of interest and importance to the MECA community.

All lectures in this series are hosted in Osher Hall and are open to the public at no charge. Seating is limited. Supported in part by the Gene R. Cohen Charitable Foundation, the Isabel K. Pease Trust, and friends of the College through the Osher Chair Naming Program. Call 207.699.5010 for more information. View all our upcoming Artist Lectures on our Events page.

Fall 2018

Jason De León: Visiting Artist Lecture

Thursday, October 4, 2018; 12–1pm
Osher Hall, Porteous Second Floor
Free and open to the public

Jason De Leon, A wall of nearly 800 backpacks left behind a the Mexico-US border; Photographer: Marc Tatti

Jason De León is an anthropologist whose multidisciplinary approach to the study of migration from Latin America to the United States is bringing to light the lives and deaths of clandestine migrants crossing the U.S.–Mexico border into the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. He combines ethnographic analysis of migrant stories, forensic science, and archaeological research in his efforts to understand this process—who makes the journey, the routes, the means of survival and manner of death—and the human consequences of immigration policy.

The Undocumented Migration Project uses a combination of ethnographic and archaeological approaches to understand various aspects of unauthorized border crossings including the many forms of violence and suffering that characterize the process, the distinct experiences of migrant sub-populations (e.g., women, children, LGBT, non-Mexican nationals), and the evolving material culture associated with crossing.

Eric Gottesman: Visiting Artist Lecture

Thursday, November 1, 2018; 6–7pm
Osher Hall, Porteous Second Floor
Free and open to the public

Eric Gottesman, For Freedoms Super PAC

Eric Gottesman is a photographic artist, teacher, and activist. Since 1999 he has been working in and around the Middle East and Africa collaborating with communities to produce photographs and videos that often challenge preexisting images and perceptions of a culture and/or place as well as the concept of singular artistic authorship.

His current collaborative project For Freedoms, is the first artist-run Super PAC. Starting in January 2016 with Gottesman’s co-founder Hank Willis Thomas to encourage new forms of public critical discourse. The medium for this project is American democracy, the “readymade” is the Super PAC (a federal designation for organizations that raise money for “political speech”), and the mission is to forge more transparent and representative forms of political discourse.

Ranu Mukherjee: Visiting Artist Lecture

Thursday, November 29, 2018; 6–7pm
Osher Hall, Porteous Second Floor
Free and open to the public

Ranu Mukherjee, Cracks, 2017, pigment and milk paint on paper on panel 75 x 51 inches (190.5 x 129.5 cm)

Ranu Mukherjee makes bodies of work and large scale installations by combining drawing, painting and print on fabric or paper alongside video, animation and choreography. Her work is marked by a deliberate use of saturated color, layering or collision of time frames,fragmentation and sensuality. Her art evokes questions of visibility, abstraction and the illusion of knowing, intensified by the algorithmic distribution of news images and information. In recent projects, she explores the present as a confluence of tension between colonial legacy and indigenous power, and ways that the colonized speak to the future. Her elemental treatment of landscape embodies the force of otherness; of the hybrid, the diasporic and the speculative.

“There is cultural time and there is material time. The body connects to both.” Shadowtime – Ranu Mukherjee