BFA Visiting Artist Lecture Series

MECA’s Visiting Artist & Guest Lecturer Series invites professional artists, educators, curators, thought leaders, and creative entrepreneurs to present on topics of interest and importance to the MECA community.

All lectures in this series are hosted in Osher Hall and are open to the public at no charge. Seating is limited. Supported in part by the Gene R. Cohen Charitable Foundation, the Isabel K. Pease Trust, and friends of the College through the Osher Chair Naming Program. Call 207.699.5010 for more information. View all our upcoming Artist Lectures on our Events page.

Upcoming 2019 Lectures

Walter Kitundu: Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Thursday, April 11, 2019, 6–7pm
Maine College of Art, Porteous Building, Osher Hall
Admission is free, all are welcome.

Walter Kitundu is an artist, educator, and 2008 MacArthur Fellow.

Kitundu creates kinetic sculptures and sonic installations, develops public works, and builds (and performs on) extraordinary musical instruments, while studying and documenting the natural world. He is the inventor of a family of Phonoharps, multi-stringed instruments made from record players that rely on the turntable’s sensitivity to vibration. Kitundu has created hand-built record players driven by the wind and rain, fire and earthquakes, birds, light, and the force of ocean waves. In 2008 he received a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in recognition of his work and creative potential.

His eclectic art practice includes receiving a major public art commission, creating a complex site-specific installation in a small town museum, developing wildly imaginative instruments for a string quartet, composing for dance and theatrical production, teaching sculpture at the university level, engaging in fieldwork with wild birds of prey, and heading the design and fabrication of environments for learning at a prominent science institution.  Kitundu has performed and been in residence at art centers and science museums internationally. He has collaborated with the renowned Kronos Quartet, bassist Meshell Ndegeocello, the electronic music duo Matmos, and the legendary Marshall Allen of Sun Ra’s Arkestra — in venues from Carnegie Hall to a high school library in Egilstaadir, Iceland.

Funded by the Windgate Foundation for Crafts

Past 2019 Lectures

Nick Dong: Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Thursday, February 28, 2019, 6–7pm
Maine College of Art, Porteous Building, Osher Hall
Admission is free, all are welcome.

Nick Dong, En-Lightening

Nick Dong is a conceptual metalsmith, mixed-media sculptor and socio-commodity engineer with the intention of creating works in order to ignite an experiential moment. Dong uses mixed-media fields to change the relationship of the viewer’s apperception. Art is not an object nor a picture; art is the unique impact created by that object or picture. Dong’s work partakes of both aspects to achieve the unique impact and constructs the particular sentiment or antipathy.

Funded by the Windgate Foundation for Crafts

Kevin Townsend: Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Thursday January 31, 2019, 6–7pm
Maine College of Art, Porteous Building, Osher Hall
Admission is free, all are welcome.

Kevin Townsend is an internationally recognized artist and professor currently living and working in Kansas City as part of KCAI’s foundation department. Kevin’s expanded drawing practice centers around mark-making, obsession and the phenomenology of time. His current work brings together elements of drawing, sound, video, installation, and performance where the resulting works are temporary, durational, and often public.

Kevin Townsend is currently included in the ICA at MECA exhibition Drawing Now.

Supported in part by the Gene R. Cohen Charitable Foundation, and the Isabel K. Pease Trust.

Kevin Townsend, in ghost time, unfixed chalk on panel, 72″ x 108″, 2 hours, 2016