To major in Graphic Design, students must take:

Preparation (1st & 2nd Year)
Design Basics: Form & Meaning (GD 101), Design Basics: Typography and Image (GD 102), and Elements of Graphic Design (GD 220)

Junior Year (3rd Year)
Design Topics: Core Studio (GD 311), Design Issues & History (GD 353) and Junior Seminar-Design/Media Topics (SEM 252-3-4), Web Design (GD 351) & Information Design - Mapping (GD 302) offered every other year and/or (2) Approved Studio Electives

Senior Year (4th Year)
Core Studio III (GD 411), Senior Synthesis (SEM 451-SEM 452), Senior Independent Projects (GD 450) and (2) Approved Studio Electives

    Fall Term    
Spring Term
  GD 206 Letterform Design    
GD 221 Branding and Visual Systems
  GD 211 Typography I     GD 353 History of Graphic Design
  Studio Elective (Student Choice)    
Studio Elective (Student Choice)
  GD 331 Typography II     GD 302 Information Design
  SEM 351-GD Motive, Method, Making     GD 332 Interactive Design
  Approved Studio Elective    
Approved Studio Elective
  GD 431 Senior Studio     GD 450 Senior Independent Projects
  SEM 451 Professional Studio-Graphic Design     Approved Studio Elective
  Approved Studio Elective    
Approved Studio Elective
NOTE: Students have the option to take SEM 452 Senior Synthesis as a Studio Elective