ALERT:  View MECA's 2020-2021 Welcome to Campus Plan by clicking this link.

Enjoy access to a wealth of departmental and college resources:

  • Cintiq Drawing Stations
  • VR Workstations
  • Audio Production and Mastering Studios
  • Digital SLRs, video cameras, and audio gear
  • Stop Motion Animation Workstations
  • Data projectors and lighting equipment
  • Fully Equipped Computer Instruction Labs with Industry-standard programs, including Autodesk’s MAYA and Mudbox, Stencyl and Unity Game Engines, Dragon Stop Motion, ToonBoom Harmony, and Adobe CC Premium Suite, (including Animate, After Effects, Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Muse)


  • FabLab: An interdisciplinary collaborative studio space welcome to all students. General processes used with FabLab Technology include:
    • 3D printing
      • Use only PLA plastic, prototyping of digital 3D models. Plates for printmaking (relief and intaglio), custom objects. Wearable items, modular construction pieces, small-scale models. Parts for other machines or processes, drawing tools, positive forms used to make molds
    • Laser Cutter/Engraver
      • Can cut through: Paper, fabric, wood, rubber, silicone, felt, cardboard, mat board, acrylic plastic, laminates, and most organic materials.
      • Can Engrave: Paper, wood, glass, stone, marble, enamel, ceramic glazes, clay, acrylic plastic, rubber, paint from surfaces, anodized aluminum, rubber stamps.
    • CNC Router
      • Cutting and Carving of wood, flat pack product production, jig making, scale technical drawings, paintbrush or marker drawings, engraving into metal, 3D carving, mold making, complex joinery, parts that fit together.