To major in Animation & Game Art, students must take:

Preparation (1st & 2nd Year) 3-6 Elective Courses
Animation 1 (AG 101)
Cinematic Storytelling (AG 120)
Character Design (AG 199)
3D Modeling & Animation (AG 245)
2D Character Animation (AG 201)
Digital Filmmaking (AG 230)
2D Game Design (AG 250)
Stop Motion and FX (AG 304)
3D Rigging and Animation (AG 303/403)
Intermediate Game & Concept Art (AG 326)
Advanced 3D Game Art (AG 400)

Junior Year (3rd Year)
Fall Semester:
Major Production Studio 1 (AG 321)
Animation and Game Art Concepts and History (AG 351)
Major Studio Elective (AG)

Spring Semester:
Major Production Studio 2 (AG 322)
Collaborative Productions (AG 352)
Major Studio Elective (AG)

Senior Year (4th Year)
Fall Semester:
Capstone Pre-production (AG 421)
Professional Studio (SEM 451)
Majors Studio Elective (AG)

Spring Semester:
Capstone Production (AG 422)
Majors Studio Elective (AG)