Tutorial resources are available on a drop-in basis six days a week during the Fall and Spring BFA Semesters. One-on-one sessions are available for help with writing or time management. Tutoring takes place in Room 200, the Learning Studio, adjacent to the Joanne Waxman Library.

  • Monday: 11am–3pm, Asata / 4pm–8pm, Ann
  • Tuesday: 11am–3pm, Asata / 3pm–8pm, Vivian
  • Wednesday: 10am–12 noon, Asata / 4:15pm–8:15pm, Ann
  • Thursday: 12 noon–6pm, Vivian
  • Friday: 11am–4pm with Thressa
  • Closed on Saturday
  • Sunday: 3pm–8pm, Liz

Appointments can be scheduled online by visiting this scheduling website.

For more information about tutorial services, please contact Dominique Bartels, Coordinator of Tutorial Services (email dbartels@meca.edu; telephone 207.699.5036).

About Vivian Ewing

Vivian Ewing is a writer, editor, reporter and artist from Massachusetts. She is the editor of Enter Rural Scene, an anthology of art and writing by women, trans and queer artists. Her own writing has appeared in Papersafe Magazine, Wilt Magazine, the Vineyard Gazette, Don/Dean Blog, and on the walls of Lines of Sight, an exhibition in The Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Festival. Vivian was selected to read an excerpt of her forthcoming fiction project at this year’s Page Burner series in Portland, Maine. Her work in photography has been published and exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently at Doomed Gallery in London and at PhoPa Gallery in Portland. She was an artist-in- residence at Mary Sky, New York, and is a recipient of the Kindling Fund. As well as a writing tutor at MECA, Vivian is an assistant teacher at the Maine Coast Waldorf School.

About Ann Hall

Ann is an experienced high school English teacher who is excited to help college students express their ideas and creativity through organized and articulate writing. She teaches all levels of English and works with every kind of student imaginable, from the reluctant writer to the philosopher who just needs help getting their amazing ideas down on paper. Ann is passionate about writing in all genres. She can help you with creative writing, argument writing, research, or just about any type of written expression.

Ann is also a fan of reading, particularly the reading of dense texts that seem like impenetrable fortresses of meaning. She can help you unpack the significance of important ideas in all those chapters or articles you have to read by class on Friday.

Ann’s educational background is varied: her undergraduate degree is from the University of Arizona, where she majored in Women’s Studies with a focus on feminist literary theory. She recently completed graduate school, where she earned a Master of Education degree. As a new tutor at MECA, she sincerely hopes she can help students become confident and independent writers.

About Liz Iversen

Liz Iversen is a writing coach and academic tutor at MECA. She has an M.A. in English from San Francisco State University and has taught writing at the Academy of Art University. Her essays, journalism and fiction have appeared in Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Thrillist, SF Weekly, The Louisville Review, and elsewhere. A lover of the written word in its many forms, she assists students with creative and academic writing, editing, and textual analysis. New to Portland by way of California, she is eager to meet new people and talk about Maine, art, culture, and writing!

About Asata Radcliffe

Asata Radcliffe is a writer and filmmaker from California. She completed her undergraduate work at U.C. Davis and received her MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from Antioch University. She writes fiction, speculative and science fiction, and essays, and is a reviewer for Kirkus Reviews.

Her writing that has appeared in anthologies and literary journals including her most recent work in Lady/Liberty/Lit, Dawnland Voices Anthology, and Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler (The Collection). Currently, she is writing a speculative novella series, The Harlan Chronicles. Asata’s documentary and independent film work investigates the interstitial in society and the abstract in art. Future projects will draw on influences from early surrealist cinema.

Asata has taught creative writing workshops along with mentoring writers in high school and college.

About Thressa Willett

Thressa Willett is an artist, designer, and dancer. She holds a BA in English, and both a BFA in New Media and an MFA in Studio Arts from MECA. She divides her time between freelance digital design, clothing design, dance training, reading, blogging, choreography, and nonprofit work with Portland Youth Dance, where she recently stepped into the role of President.

Thressa embraces the pedagogy of beginner’s mind. The beginner’s mind brims with curiosity, joy, and enthusiasm. In contrast, the expert’s mind is fearful and defensive—interpreting the unknown as an attack on identity and self-worth. This only serves to stunt our true potential. The expert's mind blocks ingenuity and artistry.

With a beginner’s mind and pen to paper (or keyboard to screen), we open a window to our consciousness. For artists, this is essential. Writing gives us the opportunity to catalog our divergent thoughts. We write to remember. We write to investigate, evaluate, and synthesize. We write for eureka. We write to reclaim our consciousness—where the artist lives and breathes with joy and boundless inspiration.

Thressa enjoys spending time with fellow artists—listening, contemplating, probing. She provides support with assignment clarification, content organization, composition, sentence structure, grammar, and time management.