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We are a group of student-centered professionals who specialize in essential college studying skills like time management, note-taking, test prep, sentence structure, grammar, reading comprehension skills, and more.
MECA Writing & Tutoring support students from all backgrounds with their academic studies as well as improving their research and inquiry skills.

We believe that building an inclusive community is essential to programs, technology, and spaces that are welcoming to all.

Writing & Tutoring provides:

  • Free peer and professional tutoring
  • Academic department tutoring sessions
  • Study and success skills workshops
  • One-on-one writing assistance
  • Citation guides & resources

Tutoring is available for all subjects

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About Chip Barchilon Daley


Chip Barchilon is an interdisciplinary artist working in text, drawing, sculpture and video. Barchilon’s practice includes scientific and embodied conversation to understand mycological and ecological entanglement. Foraging and fairy tales anchor their practice.

Barchilon holds a BA in Art History from Barnard College and received their MFA from the Maine College of Art in 2020. Their work includes collaboration with the Foraged Feast, a public engagement project supported by the Kindling Fund Grant and the Maine Arts Commission.

Elyse Grams


Elyse Grams (She/her/hers) is a 2020 graduate of the MFA program at MECA. Her craft-based practice includes ceramics, woodworking, collage, embroidery, cross stitch and sometimes a little of everything else (as long as her curiosity holds). Elyse has a BFA in Ceramics and an K-12 Art Education minor from the University of Texas at San Antonio. With more than five years experience as an educator, as a tutor Elyse enjoys working with students on anything imaginable: from figuring out a workable weekly schedule, to building a resume and writing a cover letter for a job opportunity, to overcoming the dreaded "blank-page" syndrome in tackling difficult to begin essays, asking for help is the first step!

A Texas trans-plant to Maine, Elyse has delighted in the changing seasons, tide pools, and the history of Portland and the Wabanaki land we all live on. Outside of the classroom Elyse can be found reading nearly anything she can get her hands on, attending gallery and museum openings, and encouraging literally everyone to register to vote and participate in local government. Our voices matter!