Tutorial resources are available on a drop-in basis six days a week during the Fall and Spring BFA Semesters. One-on-one sessions are available for help with writing or time management. Tutoring takes place in Room 200, the Learning Studio, adjacent to the Joanne Waxman Library.

  • Monday: 12 noon–7pm, Jake
  • Tuesday: 12 noon–7pm, Jake
  • Wednesday: 12 noon–3pm, Jake
  • Wednesday: 3pm–5pm, Greta
  • Thursday: 12 noon–7pm, Jake
  • Friday: 11am–4pm, Emma
  • Saturday is closed
  • Sunday: 3pm–7pm, Emma

Appointments can be scheduled online by visiting this scheduling website.

For more information about tutorial services, please contact Dominique Bartels, Coordinator of Tutorial Services (email dbartels@meca.edu; telephone 207.699.5036).

Spring 2017 Writing Workshops

All workshops take place in the Learning Studio, Tutorial Services, Room 200. These will be offered Universal Time: 12pm–1:30pm, unless otherwise noted. More details will be posted for each. Sign-up is encouraged, as space will be limited in some workshops. To sign up, students can email tutor@meca.edu.

  • Tuesday, 21 February: Research Workshop 1: Getting Started
  • Thursday, 23 February: Using the Chicago Manual of Style (mini-workshop)
  • Tuesday, 28 February: How to Take Great Notes
  • Tuesday, 7 March: Nailing the Scholarship Application Essay
  • Tuesady, 28 March: Research Workshop 2: Writing, Citing & Paraphrasing
  • Thursday, 30 March: Beyond the 5-Paragraph Essay
  • Tuesday, 4 April: Senior Synthesis Workshop
  • Tuesday, 18 April: How to Write a Great Artist Statement
  • Tuesday, 25 April: Creative Journaling

About Emma Whitaker

Emma Whitaker
Emma Whitaker is a writing, art history, critical reading and ESL tutor at MECA. Emma holds her B.A. in art history from Emory University, where she specialized in seventeenth-century Italian art. As a teacher’s assistant, Emma helped to develop a unique Italian language learning curriculum using only culturally immersive, speaking-centered activities. Emma now assists MECA students with critical reading, writing and time management skills.

Emma’s favorite author is Margaret Atwood, and in her spare time, she loves to watch detective shows, crochet, and collect clocks.

About Jake Hanin

Jake Hanin (4)
Jake is an experienced tutor, writer, student, and teacher who has worked with students of all kinds. He has taught ESL to immigrants, he’s taught EFL to adult students in Spain, he’s taught Sociology to art school undergraduates, he’s taught poetry to high schoolers in India, and he’s been a writing tutor for students of every level in between!Jake likes nothing more than discussing creative, original ideas with creative, original thinkers. He believes all the way to his bones that strong and clear writing is inseparable from strong, clear thinking. To be a good writer is to be a good thinker – and this takes work.

Jake also has a passion for self-improvement, and the process of laboring to sculpt one’s life into a masterpiece. To this end, he is a rampant self-organizer and maker of to-do lists. He wants to talk to you about your own personal goals, and your own personal methods for making sure that you stay on top of them.