Dear Students and Alumni,

The Office of Registration and Academic Advising is pleased to offer our students and alumni copies of official transcripts regarding their accomplishments here at Maine College of Art & Design.

Transcripts are official documents of the college and as such various offices on campus must approve them before they can be released. We acknowledge that transcript requests are often an important and time sensitive inquiry and so we strive to turn them around in 3–5 business days.

Unofficial Transcript

Enrolled students can print a copy of their cumulative academic record by selecting the Student Info tab in MyMECA&D. The cumulative record arranges the academic record in term sequence, but is not official in any way. That is, it is printed on plain paper and does not contain any verifying signatures or official seals. A copy of the cumulative record is generally used by current or former students who don’t need a certified, official copy.

Official Printed Transcript

For Mail or Pick-up

To request a printed copy of your official transcript, please download and complete the Transcript Request Form. Requests must be made in writing by the student, and a signature is required for their release. There is no charge for mailed transcripts.

Please send the completed and signed request form to: or fax to 207.775.5087

Students completing the Transcript Request Form must include the student’s name during attendance at MECA&D, years of enrollment and major, the number of transcripts requested, where the transcripts should be sent, and a signature allowing us to release the transcripts. There is no charge for processing transcript requests but students are limited to 8 per month.

Official Electronic Transcript

MECA&D has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse to allow us to securely deliver official transcripts electronically. E-transcripts carry a processing fee of $3.90 and can be requested by accessing MECA&D’s NSC Transcript Ordering Center.



If you have questions about transcript requests, please contact The fax number to use is 207.775.5087.

NOTE: The College will not issue an official transcript if a student owes a past-due balance on a student account or has defaulted on repayment of student loans. Questions about holds should be addressed to the Student Account 207.699.5049 and/or Registrar.