The Office of the Registrar serves as the legal custodian of College academic records and is responsible for the appropriate recording, production, and disbursement of those records.

The Office is also responsible for recording such critical functions as academic honors, sanctions, and dismissals. The Office of the Registrar is located in the Administrative wing on the second floor.

Confidentiality Policy

The College complies totally with the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (the Buckley Amendment).

Permanent Academic Record

The permanent academic record, including transfer credit evaluation, is maintained by the Office of the Registrar for all students of the College. While grades may be reported unofficially to the student, academic dean, and advisor, the only true and valid documentation of academic work and student status is an official transcript of the academic record, stamped with the Registrar's signature and embossed with the seal of the College. The transcript is available only with the signature of the student and will be released to that student or a designee provided there are no outstanding charges against his or her account with the Business Office and Library.

Academic Record Changes

Considerable care is taken to ensure that course registration and grades entered on a student's permanent record are accurate. Any student who suspects an error has been made should contact the Registrar's Office immediately. Records are assumed to be correct if a student does not report to the Registrar's Office within one year of the completion of the course. At that time, the record becomes permanent and cannot be changed.