MECA has a competitive process for MECA students to study outside of the college. The following are a few of the many place you can take advantage and apply to. Limited spots available.

AICAD and the AICAD Mobility Program

MECA students benefit from the cooperative programs and built-in access to leading art schools that are members of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD). By sharing resources and facilities, AICAD colleges offer educational opportunities that, taken together, are without parallel in professional arts education. Through the Student Mobility Program, qualified students at one AICAD school can spend a semester at another participating AICAD school without additional cost or loss of credit. It is very important to discuss your interest in participating in the Mobility/ Exchange program with your Faculty Mentor and/or Major Program Chair. View the AICAD website.

Through the New York Studio Program, qualified students can spend a semester studying in New York. Selected students also have the opportunity to study at the Burren College of Art in Ireland or Studio Art Centers International (SACI) in Florence, Italy. Students should contact the Office of Registration and Academic Advising for more information on these programs. Application deadlines vary depending on destination and term of study.

Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center

MECA students can take three summer courses at this renowned center in Massachusetts, for the combined equivalent of three credit hours (one studio course). View the website.

Bowdoin College Exchange

MECA has an exchange program with Bowdoin College in Brunswick, 35 minutes from Portland. This program provides free cross-registration between the two schools, on a space available basis. See the Registrar if you are interested in this program.

AICAD NY Studio Program

This might be the right time in your studies to spend a semester in New York with art and design professionals. Apply to be selected for participation by your home college. Your semester will culminate in an Open House Exhibition, which attracts a large art-world public coming to view your first New York show.

View the website.