Pre-College Application

Here’s what our students from the 2021 Pre-College Program had to say about their experience!

Describe Pre-College in one senence:

“Super exhausting, incredibly enlightening, insanely fun, and like nothing I’ve done before!!” -Abbey '21

“It is engaging, informative, and helps you stretch your art muscles tremendously.” -Mickey '21

“The Pre-College program at MECA&D did a good job of pushing students in the right direction and getting them started on whatever path they were headed down.” -Anonymous '21

“A very fun, challenging learning experience to help grow your art skills and show you what art college can be like.” -Emerson '21 

“MECA&D Pre-College is the spark to a career.” -Anonymous '21

“3 weeks of intense creative thinking, experimentation, hand cramps, and people who actually get you.” -Cassidy '21

“An intensive experience of putting my passion and skill in art to the test through the help of expert teachers and respectful peers.” -Shelby '21 

“Loved it. Will forever remember it. This has been a turning point in my life. I loved the connectivity and the classes. I wish it were longer!” -Anonymous '21

Residential Pre-College Program:

“It was great to see around the Portland area, live in dorms, and go through actual college classes, it was fun and engaging, challenging in a good way, and a learned a lot and had a great time doing it.” -Emerson '21 

“I liked living with other people I haven’t had an experience where I lived with a bunch of people around my age” -Anonymous '21

“The Cafè was very good, they always have great alternatives like vegetarian options and a big variety of dishes!” -Elena '21 

Online Pre-College Program:

“Canvas was very streamlined and useful compared to other programs which I have used in the past for other online art courses.” -Connor '21

“I take online college classes at home and this is an improvement from what I’m used to. The teachers are patient with us and are repeating things we may miss from internet glitches. The experience has been good.” -Anonymous '21 

“The online experience here has been much better than it was at my high school. I think MECA&D is doing a really great job on the tech side of things.” -Anonymous '21

“I felt like the discord (online messaging platform) was a very kind environment as well as a safe space to share art.” -Hayden '21 

“I really like the setup of the online classes and Canvas. The online experience is millions of times better than my classes in high school.” -Anonymous '21

Pre-College Application