Here’s what our students from Pre-College 2017 had to say about their experience.

Describe Pre-College in one sentence:

“Pre-College was fun, stressful, chaotic, a good experience and helped me build a portfolio.” Anonymous, PC ’17

“Pre-College was a life-changing, eye-opening experience that I would not trade for the world.” Student from Massachusetts PC ’17

“Pre-college is a fantastic experience that helps you become more independent.” Student from Georgia PC ’17

“Pre-College is a great way to determine if art schools is the right fit for you by expanding your skills in new fields, or fields of interest that will turn into an amazing memorable experience.” Student from Virginia PC ’17

“The formation of a supportive community of terrific young artist where great art is created and appreciated.” Student from Netherlands PC ’17

“Extremely helpful introduction to real college courses, and a lot of fun.” Student from Maryland, PC ’17

“Pushing the boundaries of what I thought I could do and surprising myself,… super inspiring!” Student from Massachusetts, PC ’17

What was your favorite or most memorable part of the program?

“Definitely the friends I made and how much work we were able to do in only 3 weeks.” Anonymous, PC ’17

“I liked the fact that the program didn’t have a ton of people in it. My school has 2000-ish kids in it so it can feel like I’m not connecting with the teachers or other students. Here, I felt like I got a lot of one on one time with the teachers and I was able to meet a lot of new people without being overwhelmed.” Student from New York PC ’17

“Making so much work!! I really feel like this jump started a “new era” within me, I just want to create and create now. I am really glad I had this opportunity.” Student from Maine PC ’17

“The immersion into a community of people who all care about art and what I can do with my future and skill in art was an incredible positive experience. I feel very out of touch when discussing interest and career with most of my high school peers and mentors, because in that kind of culture “artist” is not a sustainable or respectable way to make a living. Life can feel very much like a dead end when what you want most is considered impossible by your only role models. Coming to MECA Pre-College and meeting real people who do live doing what they want to do was wonderful.” Anonymous, PC ’17

“My favorite parts of the program were the open studios, because I could take the time to fully invest in my work and really strive for excellence! It was also a great time to catch up with my peers about the day and what they were doing in their other major. Everything in this program was truly a memorable experience, and I’m overjoyed that I was able to spend three weeks here in Portland.” Student from Massachusetts PC ’17

“I loved the whole program! I loved the teaching aspect, where I learned tons of new things and I’m a much stronger artist because of it. I also loved the social aspect too! I met so many new and amazing people. I feel so comfortable in this environment and I never want to leave.” Student from Maine PC ’17

“Free time was very fun and the long class sessions were great. Floor programs were very fun also, we all connected so great it made each night lots of fun. I will also miss my illustration class dearly. They were such a positive and supportive group of people. I’ve learned so many lessons from them and have received such good feed back, everyday we laughed and had a wonderful time.” Student from New York PC ’17

What did you learn that surprised you?

“I was surprised that I learned how to be more sociable and more like myself. I expected to grow as an artist, not as a person.” Student from New York PC ’17

“I learned a surprising amount of the college work ethic, and it was great to have an official portfolio review to get more insight on how to refine my work. The in-class critiques were long but informative and showed diversity I’ve never seen.” Student from New York PC ’17

“I learned how to make compositions and what making amazing friends is like, it was nice to be able to be myself while doing what I love with people who care about me and what I do and I care about them all just as much.” Student from Maine PC ’17