Here’s what our students from Pre-College 2018 had to say about their experience.

Describe Pre-College in one sentence:

“Pre-College is a great way to push yourself out of the comfort zone and get a feel for how college life will be and even though you might be scared, its an amazing experience that changes you.” – Molly, PC ‘18

“Awesome experience to test out your art skills along with other passionate artists.” – Isak, PC ‘18

“Pre-College gave me the confidence to both be open in a critique, and to like my own art and my own style without feeling nervous or ashamed.” – Anonymous, PC ‘18

“Pre-College is a rigorous, fast-paced and enjoyable program where you will make really close friendships with your peers and professors and you will want to stay longer than 3 weeks.” – Anonymous, PC ‘18

“Pre-College was an experience that both built my confidence and introduced me to people with interests like my own.” – Catie, PC ‘18

“A fantastic and enlightening insight into how intense and positive art school can be.” - Charlie, PC ‘18

What was your favorite or most memorable part of the program?

“My favorite part of the program was meeting my great friends and learning the life of a college student.” – Miranda, PC ‘18

“Having the ability to get so much work done and being able to learn from teachers and others in the program. I think I improved my art even in a short amount of time.” – Anonymous, PC ‘18

“I had many moments like these so it is hard to name just one. Printing out my comics for the first time and seeing them printed was amazing. Using gold leaf on a painting for the first time with Kerrin and finishing the beautiful paintings in painting class. And I think one of the best ones would be when I was going through my portfolio with my friends in the dorms and realizing just how much I have improved. Even my friends saw it, and its only been 3 weeks.” – Kierra, PC ‘18

 “Meeting new friends and bonding with people from different parts of the U.S. over our common interests in the arts.” – Sophia, PC ‘18

“I would love to say making art, and that's definitely a close second, but it was the people. I loved being in an environment with people who have the same interests as me, and get what i'm saying when I talk about my art and ask for suggestions. I made so many new friends that it will be immensely hard to leave. and the RA's are all amazing and extremely helpful when you need a friend, a teacher, or just someone to talk too. The teacher's are professional, but friendly and inviting, and the rest of the staff is amazing, attentive, and talented.” – Halie, PC ‘18

“My favorite part of the program was honestly the environment of MECA&D.” – Catie, PC ‘18

“Meeting all of the amazing people here and talking about art with them. Most of my friends aren't artists so being able to talk to people who understand the struggle and the artistic process was amazing. Also meeting people who love fashion as much as me because I wasn't sure it was a real thing I could do and this has made me realize it is.” – Svea, PC ‘18