2022 Online Pre-College Application
2022 Residential Pre-College Application


Online students will have live daily classes with their faculty and peers through Zoom and Canvas our Learning Management System. Students will interact with their peers and faculty in the Zoom sessions and through Student Life activities. Students are expected to log in and attend all class meetings.  Students need to have their cameras on and participate in discussions, critiques, and by uploading their assignments.

Students choose two majors from the below list. In those majors, participants work with that medium in-depth and also take a Life Drawing class to help improve their technical skills to support their preferred art disciplines. (Life Drawing also supports the Drawing major and supports and pushes the content) . Both majors are given equal time throughout the program. 

2022 Online Majors:

  • Animation
  • Comics + Graphic Novels
  • Painting
  • Drawing

Major Descriptions:


This course introduces and explores the twelve principles of animation as developed at the Disney Animation Studios. Assigned projects guide students through the technical and creative processes needed to bring their work to life. Students apply the principles to create an animation that conveys personality and emotion to moving objects and simple characters. 

Illustration: Comics and Graphic Novel 

Illustration: Comics and Graphic Novel is a course that teaches the art of combining words and pictures to make comics. A cartoonist is the proverbial jack-of-all-trades, functioning by turns as writer, cinematographer, graphic designer, and illustrator. This course will explore essential components of cartooning: cartoon figure drawing in ink, background basics, comic-strip writing, graphic storytelling, panel and page composition, and creative games. This course guides students from creating narratives in a single drawing to orchestrating all the skills involved in creating a multi-page story. Students will develop a self-published mini-comic alongside several class exercises and worksheets. 


Students will learn how to make marks in a variety of techniques and media, how to create volume and render what is in front of them, and various ways to shade on the page. Students learn how to set up still lifes and other scenes to sketch, as well as a history of the medium and its growth over time. The course will also cover best studio practices and material safety. The 


Students will work to gain a solid foundation for the painting process through color theory, composition, observational exercises, and through an investigation of tools, materials, and techniques. Students will develop concepts and learn how to analyze their own work as well as others. Students will be guided to open up and search for their voice as an artist, pushing towards finding their individual style of working. The course will also cover best studio practices and material safety. Face-to-face students take this class onsite. Online students take this class in an exclusive video conference with the other Online Painting Majors.

Complete + submit the application by the priority deadline of Feb. 1, 2022 or by the general deadline of April 15, 2022. Majors fill up quickly. The earlier you apply, the better your chances are for getting your first choice of majors.

2022 Residential Pre-College Application
2022 Online Pre-College Application