Pre-College Application


Students choose two majors from the below list. In those majors, participants work with that medium in-depth and also take a Life Drawing class to help improve their technical skills to support their preferred art disciplines. Both majors are given equal time throughout the program.

2023 Pre-College Majors:

  • Animation
  • Comics + Graphic Novels
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Ceramics
  • Fashion + Textile Design
  • Black + White Darkroom Photography
  • Metals + Jewelry

Residential students receive one grade for the Pre-College experience which is an average of the Majors and the supporting Figure Drawing class. Students earn 3 college-level studio elective credits upon successful completion of the program.

Major Descriptions:


This course introduces and explores the twelve principles of animation as developed at the Disney Animation Studios. Assigned projects guide students through the technical and creative processes needed to bring their work to life. Students apply the principles to create an animation that conveys personality and emotion to moving objects and simple characters. 

Illustration: Comics + Graphic Novels

Illustration: Comics + Graphic Novels is a course that teaches the art of combining words and pictures to make comics. A cartoonist is the proverbial jack-of-all-trades, functioning by turns as writer, cinematographer, graphic designer, and illustrator. This course will explore essential components of cartooning: cartoon figure drawing in ink, background basics, comic-strip writing, graphic storytelling, panel and page composition, and creative games. This course guides students from creating narratives in a single drawing to orchestrating all the skills involved in creating a multi-page story. Students will develop a self-published mini-comic alongside several class exercises and worksheets. 


Students will work to gain a solid foundation for the painting process through color theory, composition, observational exercises, and through an investigation of tools, materials, and techniques. Students will develop concepts and learn how to analyze their own work as well as others. Students will be guided to open up and search for their voice as an artist, pushing towards finding their individual style of working.


This major introduces students to a group of printmaking processes including collagraph, collage, xerox lithography, and screen printing. The class focuses on learning basic printmaking techniques and developing elements of design and composition. Students will experiment with materials and a variety of printed forms. Each student will have the opportunity to develop their own theme and aesthetic that will connect all of the projects. Students will also gain familiarity with safe and professional printmaking practices and develop language for critique.


This course is a comprehensive introduction to the art and craft of ceramics. The primary emphasis of this course is that you will be able to create and appreciate expressive, three-dimensional clay forms and make pieces that are portfolio-ready. You will have an understanding of other cultures and periods of human expression in clay and you will walk away proficient at forming clay objects yourself. In order to augment creative production and discover how the creative process works, you will spend time learning techniques, watching demonstrations, sketching, reading, discussing, talking about art, and critiquing. Emphasis will be on your work, your growth in the medium, your ability to create expressive, unified, cohesive three-dimensional forms in clay.

Fashion + Textile Design

The Fashion and Textile Major gives students the opportunity to design and create a garment in its entirety. Beginning with a white bolt of fabric and a sketch students will utilize print and sewing techniques to create the perfect fabric for their garment. As the course progresses students learn garment construction and sewing techniques to complete their pieces. Students will gain knowledge of fashion throughout history and see real-life samples of how to apply specific sewing techniques to the body to accomplish a look.

Photography: Black + White Darkroom

This class will introduce and explore the technical, historical, and contemporary concerns of photography as a form of artistic expression. Students will learn the vocabulary and grammar of the medium & find their own way of using it creatively to express original visual ideas and unique perspectives. The assignments of this course will cover the practice of fine arts photography by exploring the genres of portraiture and urban landscape photography. Emphasis will be placed on proper camera operation, film processing, darkroom printing, and the development of a photographic vision. Prominent photographers from the 19th century to the present day whose work has influenced the field will be examined.

Metalsmithing + Jewelry Design

This metalsmithing and jewelry course blends technical instruction with an investigation of design and concept as it relates to ornament and function. Students develop confidence and proficiency with the basic skills of soldering, forming, small hollow construction, and finishing of non-ferrous metals. Specific techniques include sawing, filing, drilling, sanding, polishing, annealing, soldering, and patination. The course will also cover safety in the studio, proper hand-tool care, and the physical properties of metal. It is the goal of this course for students to gain an understanding of metal as a material and a broad understanding of the exciting field of Metalsmithing and Jewelry.

Complete + submit the application by the priority deadline of Feb. 1, 2023 or by the general deadline of April 15, 2023. Majors fill up quickly. The earlier you apply, the better your chances are for getting your first choice of majors.

Pre-College Application