Students at Maine College of Art & Design now have access to an eLearning resource called Canvas. Canvas is the learning management system that the College uses to distribute courses and course materials. If you have a hybrid or online course, your course takes place through Canvas. It may also be supported by many different technologies, such as Google Suite for Education, Zoom video-conferencing software, and more. All courses, though, have a corresponding Canvas course website where faculty share the syllabus and important course updates--such as handouts, assignments and upload links, discussion board prompts, exams, and learning content.

How to Get Help with Canvas (for Students):

Image of Canvas Help Options when logged into CanvasIf you need support with assistance, please consider the following resources: 

  1. Ask your instructor
  2. Contact the 24/7 Canvas Support Live-Chat by clicking here
  3. Call the 24/7 Canvas Support line at this number: 877.241.8542
  4. Visit the Canvas Support Community for Students by clicking here
  5. Reach out to the MECA&D Writing and Tutoring Office (more information about tutoring here
  6. Contact your Associate Dean: Paul Gebhardt (undergraduate programs) or Araminta Matthews (graduate programs and Continuing & Professional Studies)



Logging into Canvas"

This is the login screen for the landing page where you can go to log-in using your Google MECA&D credentials or using a different email connected to Canvas.







  1. Go to 
  2. Click the “Login with email” button.
  3. Enter your email username and password when prompted
  4. Note: If you are a CS student and do not have a email address, please click “Log in with MECA&D Canvas account” instead

Navigating the Canvas Dashboard

image of the Canvas dashboard that a student sees when they first log into Canvas






  1. Once you have logged in, you will see your “Dashboard.” This is where all of your classes will be. Don’t see any classes? Make sure you “accept” the invitations that pop up at the top of your canvas window by clicking the green “accept” button. 
  2. You will notice for each class on the dashboard there are three symbols and some of them may have numbers above them. The numbers represent a discussion, announcement or grade you haven’t yet seen in the course. 
  3. Click on the class you would like to enter. 

Exploring the Canvas Course Home Page

The home button on the Canvas course sites is the top navigation button when you first log into any specific course within Canvas.






When you click on your course you will see the navigation list on the left hand side and all important information about your instructor and the course. The first page you see will be the “Home” page. 

Finding the Syllabus and Course Due Date Schedule




Your course Syllabus (the document that tells you what your course entails, what the objectives and outcomes of the course are, how you will be graded, and what is expected of you to complete the course successfully) is located under “Syllabus” in the navigation bar. Click it and you will either find an embedded document like this OR a link to a syllabus. 

Finding Course Grades and Feedback on Assignments

How to find grades in the Canvas navigation





Grades are located under, “Grades.” When you click this in your navigation bar, you will see everything you will be graded on in the course. As you can see here, you also see what you are missing. 

Using Canvas Discussion Boards

a detailed image about how to navigate discussions in Canvas. The details are available in the text section of this block.




Let’s discuss the discussion link, shall we? This brings you to your classes discussion board. Here is where, if it is required in your class, you will engage in online, asynchronous discussions with your classmates and instructor. Notice the 1:1 and 3:3 on the right hand side? That means I have not read one post out of one post or the three posts in the following discussion. Each box I have outlined indicates it’s a separate discussion. 

Canvas Quizzes, Tests, and Exams

Image of the quizzes rocket icon in Canvas.




See that rocket symbol? That means it’s a quiz. The quiz link is handy to see which quizzes are coming up in the class so you can plan enough prep time for them!

What's a Module? Understanding How Canvas is Organized

Image of Modules, which explains how content is organized on Canvas into buckets or themes for students (often around the calendar date). A Module is a group of related tasks and assignments.




Modules are my personal favorite! This is where you go to see all the things! Instructors may organize these by date, by content, or by project, but here is where you get an overview and most of the resources you need from the class. 

Uploading Assignments for Feedback

Image showing where to find the assignments link in Canvas.




Like quizzes, assignments list everything you are expected to complete. Click on the assignments link to see what your upcoming assignments are and if you have anything overdue. 

Submitting Peer Review Assignments: 

How to give and get peer reviews when this feature is employed by your faculty member.