Circulation Services & Policies

A valid Maine College of Art & Design ID or library membership card is required at all times to borrow any materials. Students from GPACU libraries may borrow books using their college or university IDs.

Library Memberships and Borrowing Privileges

  • All Maine College of Art & Design faculty, students, staff, & alumni in good standing are entitled to borrowing privileges at the Joanne Waxman Library
  • Continuing Studies faculty and students may be considered for borrowing privileges during the course in which they are enrolled
  • Membership in the Joanne Waxman Library is available to members of the general public upon payment of the annual fee. Some borrowing privileges are not available to members
  • Members of GPACU (Greater Portland Alliance of Colleges and Universities) may borrow material by presenting a valid ID card from their home institution

Borrowing MECA&D Materials

Library circulating materials can be borrowed as follows:

  • MECA&D BFA, MAT, and Salt Program students, staff, & alumni - 4 weeks for books; 1 week for media items
  • MECA&D MFA students, faculty, & staff - 1 semester for books; 1 week for media items
  • Library Members - 4 weeks for books only
  • GPACU students, faculty, & staff - 4 weeks for books; 1 week for media items

All other library visitors may use available materials in the MECA&D Library.

Borrowing Non-MECA&D Materials

Materials from other libraries may be borrowed for 4 weeks by MECA&D students, faculty, & staff only through Minerva/Maine Cat.

Students, faculty, & staff may request items not available from Maine institutions. Consult the library staff about placing out-of-state requests.

Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary Loan services are only available to all MECA&D students, faculty, & staff.


A valid MECA&D ID or library card is required to renew MECA&D books. They may be renewed:

  • In person
  • Online at and choosing View Your Patron Record
    NOTE: Once an item is overdue, it cannot be renewed online.
  • By phone at 207.775.5153

MECA&D Books may be renewed for a maximum of three times. Media items are not renewable.

Renewals of non-MECA&D items are allowed at the discretion of the lending institution and are usually one-time renewals for two weeks only.


All items are subject to recall. The borrower has up to 7 days to return the item.

Reserves for Students

  • Reserve materials may be checked out for 3 hours and are for in-library use only
  • A maximum of 3 Reserve items can be checked out at one time
  • All MECA&D patrons must present their valid MECA&D ID to reserve materials
  • Audiovisual materials may be borrowed overnight by MECA&D students, faculty, & staff only


Overdue items are assessed fines as follows:

  • Items not returned after 30 days are considered missing and the borrower will be billed a minimum $60 per item as well as a $5 non-refundable administration fee per lost item
  • Items returned in damaged condition will also incur charges, depending on the replacement or repair cost of the item
  • MINERVA/MaineCat loans that are not returned will incur billing charges that may amount to as much as a $95 replacement charge and a non-refundable $35 billing and processing fee as determined by the lending institution

Course Reserves for Faculty

  • Faculty must complete a Faculty Reserve form  for each item to be placed on reserve. Forms are available at the Circulation Desk or may be requested using the Library's online form
  • If faculty uses MECA&D library material for course reserves, they are responsible for locating the item and bringing it to the Circulation Desk, together with completed paperwork
  • Items catalogued as "Reference" or borrowed from other libraries cannot be placed on reserve. Career resources, non-circulating, special collections, and periodical items also cannot be placed on reserve or borrowed
  • The library requires 24-hours lead-time to setup Reserve items. Contact library staff at or 207.775.5153 if you have any questions.


Gift materials are accepted at the Joanne Waxman Library on the basis of curriculum support, space consideration, and condition and format of the material.

  1. The Joanne Waxman Library accepts book, magazines and media (e.g., DVD) donations. Other materials may be considered by the Library Director.
  2. The Library Director reviews all donated materials and makes selection decisions based on the above criteria and the Library’s collection development policy.
  3. It is understood that once donated, items become the Library’s property. They will be processed into the collection, included in a Library book sale, or given to students or members of the College.
  4. Proceeds from the book sale are added to the Library’s book acquisitions fund and are used to purchase needed materials for the collection.
  5. The Joanne Waxman Library does not provide appraisals for donations. If one is required for tax purpose, donors are asked to have their gifts appraised beforehand.
  6. All donations are acknowledged with a thank-you letter and an inventory of donated items, unless otherwise requested.