For the 2017–18 Academic Year Price
Tuition per term $9750
Technology and Service Fees – Salt* $190
Studio Course Fees TBD
Transcript – one time charge $50

*Salt Graduate Certificate students are eligible for federal financial aid.

Miscellaneous Rates Price
Optional: MECA Residence Hall Rates $4000 to $5000 for the semester
Housing Placement Fee (non-refundable) $100
 Housing Security Deposit*  $100

*This is a refundable security deposit for students applying for on-campus housing. The Housing Security Deposit, less any damages, will be returned at the end of the summer if the student billing account is current.

Federal Aid Recipients

Students who withdraw and receive federal financial aid will be subject to return of Title IV funds and/or repayment of unearned aid as specified in 34 CFR 668.22.  Maine College of Art uses the Return of Title IV Funds for Withdrawn Students online program designed by the U. S. Department of Education to calculate the return and late disbursement of Title IV funds.

Artist Credit – Header

View the Federal SGC Disclosure here.