Photo by Phoebe Little, Salt Spring '21

Spring '21 Student Work

Our final show pieces aired live on YouTube and at WMPG, 90.9 in Portland on May 6, 2021:
For those that missed the final show, you still have time to catch it! For a limited time only, we will leave these pieces available on this website for your viewing/listening enjoyment! 

Having difficulty accessing the sound-player? Try clicking here for a direct link to the radio & podcasting collection.

Please note that the short film collection of the Salt Final Show have been taken offline and are no longer available to the public. Please stay tuned, though, as all our Salt Graduates' Final Feature Pieces will appear in the Salt Story Archive at least six months following the completion of the Salt Graduate Certificate program. You can find all our Salt Spring 2021 Graduates' Feature films and podcasts at our Salt Story Archive in November, 2021. 

You can learn more about the graduates from our Spring 2021 program and their final projects below. We will host their pieces on the Salt Story Archive in the coming months. In the meantime, why not enjoy a few Salt pieces in the archive while you wait for these to post? You can visit the Salt Story Archive here. 

The Radio & Podcasting Projects:

Fish Out of Water by Phoebe Little

Title: Fish Out of Water

Description:  Pat Gallant-Charette never used to think of herself as an athlete, but after training for the Peaks to Portland race at age 46, she grew obsessed with swimming. Phoebe Little has this story about competitive marathon swimming and the older women who excel at it.

La Bella by Regina Onorato

Title: La Bella

Description: For her whole life, Emma Adams has been pulled towards the Italian side of her family.  They had a warmth and deliciousness that she just didn’t find anywhere else.  As she grew up, the love for that feeling solidified into a deep passion for the Italian language, one that would take her on a life-changing journey to Rome.  But this love for Italian did much more than change her own life, it also became a gift to her grandmother who spent a lifetime denying herself the pleasure of speaking her mother tongue.

Tend Your Own Garden by Sophie Spencer-Zavos

Title: Tend Your Own Garden

Description: “Tend Your Own Garden” Scarborough, Maine is complete with a beautiful marsh, white sandy beaches, a well-visited skate park and soon: an ICE processing center. Meet the Scarborough residents responding to what happens when a national issue becomes local. 

Ugly Duckling on the Dance Floor by Michaela Squier

Title: Ugly Duckling on the Dance Floor

Description: It’s hard enough to find a community, and it’s even harder to find one and then be excluded from it. Roger thought he had found his place when he started going to the gay bars of Portland, Maine, but the derision he was met with left him disillusioned.

Paintin' P-Town Brown by Camille Howard

Title: Paintin' P-Town Brown

Description: Portland, Maine is known for having something for everyone - even fans of the 90’s alternative band Ween. But as Portland’s downtown changes, weirdos are wondering - what’s happening to their beloved public spaces?

The Memories Station by Anya Kanevskaya

Title: The Memories Station


A story about nostalgia, the connective power of local radio, and one beloved oldies DJ, who runs 10 stations - all on his own - out of his home in Bath.

The Short Film Projects:

Lessons in Girl by Cyrilla Ray

Title: Lessons in Girl

Description: Lessons In Girl offers a glimpse into the emotionally fraught and transformative experience of middle school. Using screen capturing software, Lessons In Girl details the joy and pain for female-identifying individuals during these years of self-discovery.

Esto no es un juego by Isabel Albee

Title: Esto no es un juego

Description: Esto no es un juego describes the circumstances Cuban American boxer Jorge Abiague finds himself in today. After winning the 2008 Golden Gloves for his weight class, Jorge turned pro until he retired due to family circumstances in 2016. At age 41, Jorge is now returning to boxing for one last fight.

The Students

Isabel Albee
Before Salt, Isabel lived and worked in Havana for Cuba Educational Travel fostering cultural diplomacy between the US and Cuba. A native of Washington, DC, she received her BA from McGill University.

Phoebe Little

Phoebe Little is a writer and audio producer from South Portland, Maine. Her work focuses on science, resilience to climate change, and women doing cool things. When not writing, Phoebe enjoys playing guitar, swimming in rivers, and loudly identifying marine invertebrates by their scientific names for whoever will listen.

Regina Onorato

Regina is a California girl who has made her way around the world.  For as long as she can remember, she’s had a deep fascination with human culture, and as she grew, this fascination became a particular love for language.  She’s been fortunate enough to live abroad for years at a time and has managed to master both French and Italian.  She’s used her time here at Salt to explore people and stories that show how cultures clash within us and how language changes our identities.

Sophie Spencer-Zavos

Sophie Spencer-Zavos has some favorite things:attachment theory, empathetic listening, and contact sports. They focus on stories about thresholds, personal and family histories, bodies, g-d, and spirituality. Sophie loves a good archive and finding the right questions to ask. She can be found at @SophieSpencerZavos on instagram and @spencerzavos on twitter.

Michaela Squier

Michaela Squier is a Los Angeles-based storyteller from a small town in Washington State. Her love of creating worlds with various mediums started as a child when she would spend all summer making claymations and shadowmation videos with her brother. She loves to make stories about ruralness, religion and queerness and the ways they overlap.

Cyrilla Ray

Cyrilla grew up in Yarmouth, Maine and studied Sociology at Whitman College before attending Salt. Her filmmaking explores the intersection of social science and visual media. Cyrilla enjoys dance parties and eating. She feels grateful to have learned from and alongside such talented and compassionate storytellers in her Salt cohort.

Camilla Howard

Camille Howard is a documentarian who works in audio and video. She decided to be a storyteller way back when she was 9-years-old, living in Washington County, and loves experimenting with new mediums. Her stories focus on bodies, relationships, women, and rock-n-roll. She lives for live music, summer lake swimming, and reading.

Anya Kanevskaya

Anya Kanevskaya likes to talk, listen to people talk, tell stories, and listen to people’s stories. In her past life she worked as a photo producer, in her present life she’s a freelance writer, and in her future life she plans to be radio famous. She was born in Moscow, grew up near Boston, and currently lives in Hudson, NY.