Photo by Bennett Mosseau Salt Fall '20

Fall '20 Student Work

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The Salt Fall '20 Final Show, “Behind the Mask,” is now over. The short film festival aired between 6:00 PM on December 17th until 6:00 PM on December 21st. Our Radio & Podcasting festival aired live on WMPG at  7:00 PM on December 17th and as a Soundcloud recording until 6:00 PM on December 21st.

You can learn more about the graduates from our Fall 2020 program and their final projects below. We will host their pieces on the Salt Story Archive in the coming months. In the meantime, why not enjoy a few Salt pieces in the archive while you wait for these to post? You can visit the Salt Story Archive here. 

The Radio & Podcasting Projects:

More information about connecting to the Radio broadcast coming soon!

All the Little Things by Julianna Bradley

Title: All the Little Things

Description: Julianna Bradley tells the story of what can go wrong when things that seem small to some people, seem big to others.

The Only Port of Call, by Mariah Dennis

Title: The Only Port of Call

Description:  In the early days of the pandemic, the easternmost town in America was divided.The CDC had issued a No Sail Order for all US cruise ships, which left the 785’ Oceania Riviera looking for a port to call home. With the deepest natural port in the continental states, the tiny fishing town of Eastport, Maine seemed like the perfect solution. But not everyone was ready to welcome the Riviera to town.

Touched by a Stranger by Sam Fisher

Title: Touched by a Stranger

Description: Producer Sam Fisher explores the margins of Portland’s physical and virtual spaces in a quest to understand the world of gay cruising. After navigating a few dead ends, he stumbles upon a mysterious cruising master, who has much to share.

Why Oh Wyeth by Natalie Gregory

Title: Why Oh Wyeth

Description: Natalie Gregory investigates one of Maine's largest property thefts, which involved six stolen NC Wyeth paintings valued at $36 million dollars.

Are You There? by Malia Lukomski

Title: Are You There?

Description: A journey of belief takes Malia Lukomski into the woods of Maine.

The Original Anni Clark by Sophie McNulty

Title: The Original Anni Clark

Description: Anni Clark, a Maine-based musician, has been writing and performing music since the late 1970’s. Somewhere along the way, though, Anni stopped putting out songs—Her last studio album was released over 18 years ago. But, that all changed this May.

The Ring Finder by Arielle Nissenblatt

Title: The Ring Finder

Description: Sean Kelly is a metal detectorist and scuba diver based in midcoast, Maine. He's also a ring finder. Can he find a ring lost somewhere at the bottom of a 442-acre pond?

This Moose Might Survive by Andrew Schwartz

Title: This Moose Might Survive

Description: In October, Dave DeMerchant led clients into the North Maine Woods for his last moose hunt before the season ended. It was a particularly strange time for DeMerchant, a guide of more than three decades. Just a few weeks prior, he had received some unsettling news.

The Short Film Projects:

Links to the Short Film Playlist will be coming soon! The Salt Short Film students will be showcasing their final documentary films on Thursday, December 17th at 6pm, followed by a short Q&A at 6:45pm. Please RSVP via this form to receive a link to the films on YouTube and a link to the Zoom meetup for the Q&A. 

The Q&A will end by 7pm so you can turn your dials to WMPG for the final audio stories from the Salt Audio students. 

I Keep My Eyes Open by Anna Kayes

Title: I Keep My Eyes Open

Description: Explore the Maine woods through the eyes of Bigfoot investigators in the film “I Keep My Eyes Open.”

Picture Yourself by Johnny Morris

Title: Picture Yourself

Description: Picture Yourself is a film about having your photo taken, or rather, what it means to give control of our image to another person. It is a film about self perception and challenging the viewer to think deeply about the way they want to be seen in the world.

Leaving Home by Bennett Mosseau

Title: Leaving Home

Description: Since the age of four, Mark Nash has called Star Island his home, intermittently working and living on the small island over the last seven decades. Due to internal conflicts, Mark has chosen to leave the island at the age of 66, still a number of years away from retirement. This film follows Mark on his final five days as an employee, capturing his rich history with the space, the uniqueness of the island, and what it means to find closure in transition.

Second Wave by Erica Snyder-Drummond

Title: Second Wave

Description: In Second Wave, Karl Holmes reflects on his experience of living through the AIDS epidemic and how it’s shaped his experience of COVID-19.

The Students

Julianna Bradley
Julianna Bradley recently bought rollerblades on Facebook Marketplace for $10 and they broke within the week. Less excitedly, she is the creator and producer of Inherited, a podcast about young people and climate change and a senior producer at Dustlight Productions.

Mariah Dennis

Image of Salt student Dennis 2020 Mariah Dennis is an audio producer and photographer. She grew up outside Bangor, Maine and graduated from the University of St Andrews with a degree in International Relations and Middle East Studies.

Sam Fisher

Sam Fisher is a Maine-borne, Brooklyn transplant at large. In addition to being somewhat of a bon vivant and acclaimed “man about town”, he most recently worked as a sculpture fabricator and art registrar for the artist, Daniel Arsham. He now sets his sights on audio storytelling and working with sound as a medium to create social connections between people separated by the pandemic.

Natalie Gregory

A self-proclaimed NPR nerd, Natalie Gregory hails from Menlo Park, CA but has spent the last 10 years in Los Angeles pursuing comedy and writing. It was there that she started her podcast Tip Your Server, interviewing fellow artists about the LA restaurant grind, which also led to an op-ed in the LA Times telling Angelenos how to better behave in restaurants. Thus spawned her love for audio storytelling and ultimately her path to Salt, where she discovered the magic of Pro Tools and creating stories with sound.

Malia Lukomski

Malia Lukomski is an audio producer interested in personal stories, family histories, and ghosts.

Sophie McNulty

Sophie McNulty is an audio producer who has covered stories on art and music, mental health, family legacies, religion, and climate change. Outside of Salt, Sophie works as the Assistant Producer for Safe Space Radio, an independent radio show based in Maine. When she’s not working on a story, Sophie can be found playing boardgames, hiking, reading graphic memoirs, or catching up on the latest reality TV drama.

Arielle Nissenblatt

Arielle Nissenblatt is the founder of EarBuds Podcast Collective, a podcast recommendation engine. She is the community manager at SquadCast, a remote recording software company. In her spare time, Arielle listens to hours and hours of podcasts, plays soccer, and hosts zoom trivia shows.

Andrew Schwartz

Andrew Schwartz is an independent journalist and audio producer with a focus on labor and political movements. He co-edits

Anna Kayes

Anna is an educator, storyteller, and coach driven to help girls and women connect through sport, story, and cultural exchange. With a background in international education she was inspired by her experiences traveling with students to learn to document with film at Salt. When she’s not asking questions she enjoys eating Holy Donut at the beach, running in the woods, and listening to Kesha.

Johnny Morris

Johnny Morris is a photographer from Highland, Utah. In his career as a photographer and storyteller he has pursued photojournalism and fine art conservation photography. He loves being outdoors and often visits the surrounding National Parks of Utah. To further his career as a storyteller he is now pursuing documentary filmmaking.

Bennett Mosseau

Bennett Mosseau grew up in central New Hampshire and spent time living in Boston and New York City prior to attending Salt. As a creator, Bennett specializes in story development, video editing, and analog photography. With an educational background in cultural anthropology, Bennett seeks to find the intersections between nonfiction narrative development, ethnographic processes, and ethical creation. After Salt, he hopes to work on independent documentary projects in both the video and audio spaces, while offering commercial services to local businesses and non-profit organizations. For inquiries and collaboration, you can reach Bennett by email at

Erica Snyder-Drummond

Erica Snyder-Drummond graduated from Seattle University with a degree in International Studies & French. After college she worked for several years in immigration advocacy before making the switch to documentary storytelling. In her spare time Erica is an avid fan of reading, traveling, and Beyoncé.