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As part of Salt at MECA&D’s commitment to training the next generation of storytellers, we are pleased to offer the Gimlet Union Scholarship. The scholarship focuses on supporting the work of storytellers with a diverse set of lived experiences who are admitted into the 15-week Salt Institute for Documentary Studies Graduate Certificate Program at MECA&D.

Salt Institute and Gimlet Union are committed to training storytellers to tell stories in ways that are equitable and inclusive. We also recognize that the field of documentary studies has often reinforced the inequality present in our societies, rather than challenging it. As part of our missions, we are committed to transforming this field so that it reflects and amplifies a breadth of experiences, identities, and voices.


Gimlet Media (now Spotify Studios) was the first podcast company to unionize back in 2019. Making our workplace—and the audio industry—more diverse and inclusive was a core reason we organized, and it continues to be a primary focus for our union. In that spirit, our unit members have decided to underwrite this scholarship at Salt Institute.

The Gimlet Union Scholarship is awarded to provide skills needed to pursue a career in audio to exemplary admitted students whose applications reflect a diversity of perspectives and lived experiences and who demonstrate qualities of determination and courage. Our hope is to contribute toward a more diverse community of storytellers—within Salt and MECA&D, at Gimlet Media/Spotify Studios, and in the industry at large.


The Gimlet Union Scholarship will cover tuition, fees, and room & board in its entirety for one student each semester. 

In addition, the scholarship’s recipient will be paired with a current employee of Gimlet Media/Spotify Studios who can serve as a mentor. The student will check in with their mentor four times over the course of a year—twice during their semester at Salt, and twice in the following months. It is our hope that this will provide the student with additional support should they choose to pursue a career in audio.


The scholarship is awarded to one admitted student whose application materials, including digital portfolio, personal essay, CV, and/or other information demonstrates the individual’s ability to contribute to the community through qualities that the Gimlet Union and MECA&D seek to promote, including:

  • Bringing unique life experiences, cultural viewpoints, and insights to the campus community that can enrich the overall learning environment at MECA&D;
  • Demonstrating firsthand experience of social injustice issues and systemic inequalities who can speak effectively as advocates for change on campus and in the broader community;
  • Overcoming hardship or demonstrating courage or determination based on the applicant’s lived experiences.

Any student wishing to be considered for this scholarship must complete their application on or before the Gimlet Union Scholarship Deadline (see How to Apply for deadlines). Applicants must also indicate they are applying for the Gimlet Union Scholarship through their application.

In addition, applicants should either have a complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a FAFSA waiver on file at the College. If you are ineligible for federal student aid, or choose not to complete a FAFSA, please complete the FAFSA waiver at this link. To check your FAFSA status or to submit a FAFSA waiver, please be in touch with our Financial Aid office at

To accept this scholarship, the recipient must agree to enroll within 15 days of notice.


Every applicant is different, and MECA&D strives to engage in an equitable admissions process that evaluates applicants using three criteria:

  • Strength of portfolio
  • Breadth and depth of personal essay
  • Academic achievement

Recipients demonstrate preparedness for the fifteen-week graduate certificate and adequately address eligibility criteria throughout their personal essay.


Due to the competitive nature of the scholarship, students accepting this scholarship cannot defer their enrollment.

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