The Magic in Homesteading

Town: Harpswell and Berwick, Maine
County: Cumberland and York respectively

Names of people involved:
Jim Cornish, Jeremy Kasten, Kim Kasten, Osma Kasten, and Cassidy Kasten

Project description:
“Homesteading means always being at home”, says Jim Cornish, who teaches students how to live off the land at his farm, Stone Soup Institute. A past student, Jeremy Kasten, draws on his experience with Jim as he and his family prepare for their second season growing vegetables and raising animals.

Artist Bio

Wilder is a visual storyteller, using film and photography to support harmonious living with the environment. Constantly inspired by the natural world, Wilder seeks to share new perspectives on stewardship and earth’s interconnectedness. Wilder first got serious about filmmaking when studying Environmental Science at Bowdoin College and producing a documentary on sustainable tourism in northern India. Since graduating in 2016, he has worked as a freelance filmmaker, editor, and photographer in Maine and abroad. His documentaries have explored homesteading, green energy, Maine’s working waterfront, and faith-based conservation among others. Wilder sees filmmaking as a rich medium for collaboration and has focused on working with nonprofits including Maine Audubon, Bowdoin College, Wild Philanthropy, and Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership. If a film or image encourages viewers to close a browser and go outside, then Wilder is a happy storyteller.