Seeing the Elephant

Town: Alfred, Maine
County: York County

Names of people involved:
Bruce Tucker

When the first elephant came to Maine, she was a wonder. People had never seen an elephant before. It was the early 1800s, and America was a new country, sorting out its morals. So when she was shot and killed in Alfred, ME, the outrage over her death revealed a lot about our young country.

Nono and the African Gala

Town: Portland, Maine
County: Cumberland County

Names of people involved:
Nono Mukwayanzo

Nono Mukwayanzo is a Congolese immigrant who organizes the African Gala. It takes place in Portland, Maine every year. He sees it as a way to promote community and educate others about his culture.

Artist Bio

Samira is an aspiring independent radio producer. Sometimes she does sound mixes for indie films. Originally from Staten Island, NY, her work tends to invite wonder and imagination.