Nat Bell, Logger

Town: Leeds
County: Androscoggin

Names of people involved:
Nat Bell

Nat Bell is an independent logger living and working in Leeds, Maine. In addition to felling trees, hauling logs, and cutting lumber, Nat also volunteers his time to the Kennebec Land Trust teaching kids about the benefits of good, sustainable forestry.

Artist Bio

Phoebe Parker is a photographer, actor, and filmmaker living in Portland, Maine. She loves learning new things and is excited by people and subjects she knows nothing about. Earlier in 2017 she starred in Constellations at Space Gallery, had her first photo exhibit at Liquid Riot, and began her journey into documentary with her arrival at the Salt Institute at MECA. Her aim with her work is to make you feel as if you are part of the world it depicts rather than just an onlooker. She is incredibly grateful to the wonderful people who allowed her into their lives these past few months.