Crowdfunding a Baby

Westbridge, Maine

Names of people involved:
Jessica Melcher, Joe Melcher

The online community has evolved from crowdfunding artistic projects and philanthropic necessities to a third category that sits somewhere in between funding your friend’s cool indie album and a round of life-saving chemo for a child. Jessica Melcher and her husband joined a growing trend when they began accepting online donations for a costly in vitro fertilization pregnancy.

omg, yes: a tour through female pleasure

World Wide Web

Names of people involved:

  • Samira Tazari
  • Leila Goldstein
  • Pallavi Kottamasu
  • Casey Georgi
  • Eliza Dennis
  • Olivia Norrmen-Smith
  • Jen Kinney

This piece contains explicit sexual content. Not safe for work, depending on where you work.

Sometimes, you visit a place that’s not quite like any other. goes beyond the typical sex ed experience to explore female pleasure.

Artist Bio

Nora is an emerging audio producer who is drawn to stories that blend the cerebral and the physical, the ordinary and the peculiar. After getting an English degree from the University of Toronto, she worked on a lot of farms, then honed her love for storytelling by teaching and performing improv comedy. She moved here from Canada in August and is still confused by Fahrenheit.