Please Stop Here

Town: Monson
County: Piscataquis

Names of people involved:
Alan Bray, Arvo Korsman, Bella Santagata, Colleen Pinkerton, Gary Killam, Glenn Poole, Jim Bohren, Jim Wentworth, John Tatko, John Wentworth, Kim Witham, Lucas Butler, Marilou Ranta, Melinda Wentworth, Mike Witham, Neal Pinkerton, Rachel LaPointe, Rebekah Anderson, Rebecca Wentworth, Susan DeLoia, Van Wentworth

Project description:
In the past year, the rural town of Monson has been in transition. A non-profit organization has invested millions of dollars into the economically struggling town in the hopes of attracting artists to work and live. The townspeople of Monson share their opinions on what all this change means for the town, and what could possibly come next.

Artist Bio

Marissa Schneiderman is a writer, artist, oral historian, and radio producer who doesn’t call a particular place “home.” She was raised in an intergenerational and multicultural household in Los Angeles, which served as the genesis of her interest in modern identity and voice.