Low Hanging Fruit

Town: Somersworth
County: Strafford County, New Hampshire

Names of people involved:
Timothy Sombah, Poppy Sombah, Freddy Sombah

Since 2010, ICE has allowed a community of Indonesians to stay in New Hampshire without having legal status. That is, until August 2017, when some were told they had to leave the country in two months. This audio feature tells the story of the Sombahs, one family affected by the change in policy.

Goat Yoga

Town: Westbrook
County: Cumberland County

Names of people involved:
Ashley Flowers, Julia Conley

Ashley Flowers brings goat yoga to Portland and things get messy.

Artist Bio

Leila Goldstein is an audio producer from McLean, Virginia. Before studying at Salt she produced documentary film and performance projects. Based in Brooklyn, she has lived in Indonesia, Czechia, and Japan.