Which is the Judge

Town: Belfast
County: Waldo

Names of people involved:

  • Norman Kehling
  • Larraine Brown
  • Chris Wright
  • Deb Hensley
  • Elizabeth Whitman
  • Ivy Lobato
  • Allen James
  • James Emerton

Jen Kinney interviews Norman Kehling, who will soon be free after 30 years of incarceration. In his final months behind bars, he’s found an unexpected way to prepare for life on the outside — he’s joined a theater troupe.

Thomas Baia, Triple Threat

Town: South Portland
County: Cumberland

Names of people involved:
Thomas Baia

Thomas Baia sings, he acts, he dances. He’s also 12 years old — and partially deaf. Jen Kinney talks to Thomas about his 27th show, A Christmas Story.

Artist Bio

Jen Kinney is a radio producer, writer, and photographer, who often explores the intersections of built and natural environments, storytelling, and the state. Her work has appeared in Next City, Philadelphia Magazine, and High Country News, among others. She lives in Philadelphia, where she also guides bike and kayak tours.